LSU’s 2020 recruiting class holds down No. 4 national ranking

LSU’s 2020 recruiting class holds down No. 4 national ranking
Koy Moore is a 4-star WR out of Rummel.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - LSU's 2020 signing class checks in at No. 4 across the board. That's an impressive ranking, but Coach Orgeron doesn't buy too much into the numbers.

“One year we were ranked 15th, and we signed the Heisman Trophy winner out of that class, and Cole Tracy. We’re ranked 4th, that sounds good, it looks good. I think it’s the highest recruiting class we’ve had here, points wise at LSU. But we got to make sure those guys can play. After two days that goes out the window. But I do believe we have some great players in this class. I do believe these guys can continue to win championships,” said Ed Orgeron.

The class is 22 strong, with three spots still to open. O laid out who could be in that final number.

“You know we’re going to look at it. Obviously we’re always going to look for offensive lineman. If there’s a center position out there we would look at it. Maybe a linebacker. It all depends on what Bo (Pelini) thinks about the guys that we have. We may need one, we may not, and obviously best player avaliable,” said Orgeron.

All talk on this day didn’t focus solely on recruiting. O still needs to fill Joe Brady’s position on the coaching staff.

“We had one interview. We’re vetting a lot of guys. Obviously there’s a lot of coaches that are interested. We’re looking at the NFL primarily, necessarily that we won’t look at college. We’re looking for different ideas. We’re looking for things that can add to an already great offense,” said Orgeron.

A great offense that will add a one-of-a-kind talent in Rummel’s Koy Moore.

“Cause everybody eats. The running backs get a 100 yards. Ja’Marr (Chase) with a 100 yards, Justin (Jefferson) with a 100 yards. You don’t see that. You don’t see two receivers with 18 touchdowns each, with 1,300 yards each,” said Rummel WR Koy Moore.

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