Dogs blamed for Lake Charles cat deaths

Published: May. 16, 2023 at 9:37 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - A Lake Charles woman said irresponsible dog owners are to blame for two of her cats being mauled to death in her own yard.

“They were mauled to death, and it had to be several dogs,” Brenda Grimm said.

Grimm said she was woken up by her dogs early Sunday morning only to find two of her beloved cats dead in her front yard.

“Got my flashlight, come back out, and it was Oscar, my cat,” Grimm said. “I went to the front to feed the other cats and looked on the ground and there was my other cat, Jackson.”

In a statement, Calcasieu Parish Animal Services said they are aware of reports of dogs killing other animals in a large area. They believe two dogs are responsible – one in which has been caught by officers. The other is believed to still be loose and may continue the attacks.

Grimm said she blames irresponsible pet owners.

“You can’t blame the animals; they are animals and are going to do what they want to do,” Grimm said.

She hopes they will see her tragedy as a wakeup call.

“I’m hoping they can put these leash laws to where they’re supposed to be and catch these people and charge the owners, and maybe that will finally open people’s eyes,” Grimm said. “I’m hoping, I’m hoping that’s what it’ll do because that’s devastating. Very devastating for people to find their animals dead in the own yard.”

The parish does have a leash law, prohibiting animals from running free. Residents are asked to call animal services or law enforcement if they see a suspicious dog or any potential attack.