Crews at the ready to take down crumpled tower over KPLC

Updated: Aug. 31, 2020 at 12:15 AM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - The tower crumpled by Hurricane Laura has left KPLC unable to broadcast out of its studio.

But work to remove the fallen tower is already underway.

“So within twenty hours of the hurricane hitting we already had crews mobilized coming here,” said General Manager John Ware. “Today the heavy equipment arrives, three cranes. The tower crew is on sight. They’ll start lifting the tower out of our building, deconstructing it and moving it out of our way so that we can start operating safely again within the building.”

Still, though, it won’t immediately be back to normal.

“We won’t be in the studio for quite some time,” Ware said. “That’s gonna be a complete remodel, we’ll have to gut it and do some structural work there. But there are other parts of the building we’ll be able to broadcast from.”

Despite the circumstances, KPLC is still bringing coverage, content and information to the residents of Southwest Louisiana.

In a critical time such as this, having digital platforms is a vital piece to keeping viewers informed.

“This is the first step in being able to get back to on television,” Ware said. “Our broadcast towers are fine, we just need to be able to get (the signal) out of our building so that we can re-establish a signal and start getting back to broadcasting on television in addition to our digital platforms.”

The rebuilding process after a natural disaster is never easy to come back from, but Ware says he is pleased with the way Southwest Louisiana has responded to adversity.

“The spirit of Southwest Louisiana is a beautiful thing,” Ware said. “So many people with such tragic circumstances right now, but as long as we’re all alive we’re gonna rebuild and get better.”

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