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Transaortic Valve Replacement giving patients a second chance at life


Bonnie Faulk works at Walmart, but her quality of life began going down hill as she got older.

"I couldn't breath," Faulk said.

Diagnosed with Aortic Stenosis, Faulk needed to have a valve in her heart replaced. 

Dr. Richard Gilmore from Christus St. Patrick Hospital said open heart surgery was too risky.

"The main valve from where the heart injects blood had become narrowed with age," Gilmore said. "It's common in the seventh or eighth decade of life. It puts too much work on the heart to the patients faint of have chest pain or shortness of breath."

Luckily for Faulk, doctors had another option for patients who are high risk, it's called a Transaortic Valve Replacement, or TAVR.

"We go through the major artery of the leg and the valve is put across the native valve," Gilmore said. "The valve is then inflated with a balloon and applied there."

The procedure took around an hour and her hospital stay didn't even knock her off her feet.

Since then, Faulk's quality of life has improved dramatically.

She can walk into work without stopping to catch her breath.

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