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Carville talks about future of Democratic Party


Saturday night was a big night for Calcasieu democrats who hosted Louisiana's own Ragin' Cajun -- America's best-known political consultant, James Carville.

Carville was in the area as Calcasieu democrats honored Sen. Jim and Marilyn Cox with a lifetime achievement award.

Carville is nationally known for his political analysis, along with his success steering underdog candidates to victory.

His talk on Saturday night was on the present and future of the Democratic Party.

"The big part of our message is we've got to get Senator Landrieu re-elected. First, you make a roux. First, you get her re-elected. That's job number one. Then after that job is completed then we got to get a democrat in Baton Rouge and, then job number three is, we gotta keep control of the White House," said Carville.

The banquet was held at Treasures of Marilyn's. The packed house was thrilled to get a surprise visit from former Gov. Edwin Edwards along with his wife, Trina, and baby son, Eli. Edwards was his quick-witted self and entertained the crowd with a few jokes -- but also expressed his admiration of Jim and Marilyn Cox and gave his take on the current gridlock in Washington.

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