First Alert Forecast: Another round of afternoon storms today with heavier rain this weekend

  First Alert Forecast: Daily showers continue with higher rain chances this weekend

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Repeat forecast today; even higher rain chances later this week

  First Alert Forecast: More scattered showers and storms in the afternoon this week

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Above normal rain chances continue to provide more heat relief today

  First Alert Forecast: Daily scattered showers and storms limit the afternoon heat

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  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Scattered daily downpours; otherwise the August swelter continues

  First Alert Forecast: Afternoon shower and storm chances continue daily

  First Alert Forecast: Daily chances of afternoon thunderstorms continues

  First Alert Forecast: A little relief from the heat this weekend with rain in the forecast

  First Alert Forecast: Heat returns today with limited cooling showers this afternoon

  First Alert Forecast: Rain sticks around through the weekend limiting the heat

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Fewer storms today but chances increasing again by the weekend

Rain chances aren’t zero today but also not as high as Wednesday either, although you’ll still want to carry you an umbrella for later this afternoon as a few scattered storms return, mainly for areas along and south of I-10.

  First Alert Forecast: Higher rain chances bring some relief to the heat

That cold front from Wednesday will stall over us on Thursday. Depending on where exactly this front stalls out, will determine how much rain we see. The latest trend is that it will stall just to our south, keeping the rain to the south. So, I have lowered the rain chance to only 40%.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Heating up quickly ahead of afternoon/evening storms

If you’re sending the kids off to school with the umbrella today, make sure to also take into account the heat as well as storms could be delayed in arrival until mid to late afternoon. High temperatures will be back up to between 95 and 98 degrees with heat indices on average between 105 and 109.

  First Alert Forecast: More hot temperatures with more rain expected on Wednesday

By Wednesday, a weak cold front will push in from the north. This will not necessarily bring any cooler temperatures. This will bring more rain, however. The rain is what should help cool the temperature down some. Rain chances Wednesday will be up to 60%.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Heat relief on the way as rain chances increase Wednesday

  First Alert Forecast: Extreme heat sticks around with rain chances getting ready to increase

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Extreme heat continues but a front breaks the swelter by mid-week

  First Alert Forecast: Heat continues with rain by midweek

  First Alert Forecast: Heat continues into next week

  First Alert Forecast: Persistent heat continues through the weekend

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Another scorcher as the heat wave continues into next week

Another heat advisory has been issued for all of Southwest Louisiana today and I don’t see that changing with likely more advisories issued each day through next. The reason behind the heat advisories are not the air temperature but rather the heat index.

  First Alert Forecast: Oppressive heat through the weekend with limited rain

With the lower rain chances, the temperature will be much higher. Temperatures will be soaring into the mid 90s. Some places may even get into the upper 90s. That’s just the actual temperature. What will make it nearly unbearable will be the humidity. It should feel like the triple digits.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Heat wave building through next week as cooling storms take a break

Today is start of lower rain chances and hotter temperatures as high humidity combines for a dangerously high heat index each day. The only exception will be for a few isolated showers and thunderstorms from mainly I-10 southward to the coastline as the sea breeze moves inland today.

  First Alert Forecast: Heat and humidity through the weekend with lower rain chances

Thursday will have a lower chance for rain. Instead the rain chances should only be about 20%. This is because a high-pressure center will be moving over our bayou region. This high-pressure will create a ridge of dry weather with a lot of heat.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain chances decreasing through the remainder of the week

High humidity will make the lower 90s feel as hot as 103 to 105 this afternoon. Meanwhile, a pop-up downpour or two will return for areas mainly along and south of I-10. Rain chances are at 40%.

  First Alert Forecast: Scattered afternoon showers continue through mid-week

Afternoon storm chances continue daily

  First Alert Forecast: SWLA summer continues with more heat, humidity, and rain

Summer time pattern sticking around with hot afternoons and daily rain chances

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Persistent pattern brings a few scattered storms each day

A big dome of hot high pressure over Texas remains locked in place, with our area situated between that ridge to the west and big trough of low pressure to the east. We’re on the eastern periphery of the high in an area known as the “ring of fire”.

  First Alert Forecast: Heat stays in places with afternoon showers possible through the weekend

Friday will probably be the best day of the week. Strictly because it’s Friday, but also because the rain chances will be about the lowest they’ve been all week! I have only a 30% chance of rain. So, it should be a great day!

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: The heat builds as storms take a break for now

Rain chances aren’t zero, but certainly lower than where we started off the week as a couple isolated storms will be possible by afternoon, likely greatest along the coastal parishes.

  First Alert Forecast: Rain chances decreasing as we approach the weekend

During the day on Thursday, there will be a little more rain. We will not have as much though. Rain chances will be up to 30%. Most of the rain will pop up in the afternoon, thanks to daytime heating. Therefore, it will not rain all day, nor will everyone see rain.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: More storms and heat relief today; fewer by Thursday and Friday

An overall unsettled weather pattern remains in place today which will mean more scattered thunderstorms are likely today, although most likely not quite as many as Tuesday nor will they likely be as severe as we’re not tracking any sort of large storm complex moving through the area.

  First Alert Forecast: More heavy storms Wednesday, then lower rain chances by the end of this week

Wednesday will likely be another rainy day. I have raised the rain chances to 60%. There will be some heavy rain and heavy downpours at times. Plus, frequent lightning in the storms. This is mostly due to the set up we are currently in.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Stormy today; heavy rain and a brief street flooding threat this afternoon

Today’s forecast will again include higher than our normal summertime rain chances due to the upper level pattern in place, and copious amounts of tropical moisture could mean locally heavy rain that could result in flash flooding in localized spots.

  First Alert Forecast: Better chance for rain early this week while we watch the tropics

So, on Tuesday, we could see even more rain than what we see today. The rain will still be scattered, so it’s hard to tell where these storms are going. I would be ready for the rain throughout the day tomorrow. I have a 70% chance of rain during the day.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Stormy days help with the heat and we’re also watching the tropics

Our forecast to start the day will consist of warm and muggy air to greet you out the door this morning. You’ll not need the umbrella early on although it would be a good idea to take one before you head out for later in the day. Temperatures will quickly warm up to around 90.

  First Alert Forecast: Best rain chances Monday/Tuesday

Rain chances increase Monday night into Tuesday as the tail end of a front swings through SWLA

  First Alert Forecast: Afternoon showers and increasing heat

Rain continues through the week

  First Alert Forecast: Heat and humidity returning this weekend

Heat and humidity return this weekend!

  First Alert Forecast: One more day of nice weather before the humidity returns

For today, the weather will still be nice, although the humidity will start to return. That cold front that brought the relief to the heat will be weakening over the Gulf of Mexico, but it will still limit any rain we see. The rain chance is up to only 20%, so most of us will not see any rain at all

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Wrapping up our fall feel Friday ahead of weekend rain chances

It’s truly another wonderful and refreshing start to our weather on this Thursday as temperatures start out in the 60s this morning, but as was the case yesterday, they will quickly warm up through the morning and afternoon to near 90 although no heat index to factor in thanks to the dry air.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Nice start to the weekend but rain is eventually on the way

Out the door this morning make sure to stay hydrated, but you can leave your umbrellas at home as nothing more than one or two isolated showers return this afternoon to SW Louisiana. High temperatures top out in the lower 90s with feels like temperatures between 100 and 105.

  First Alert Forecast: Heat remains the same with rain chances increasing by this weekend

Friday will be more of the same, but with rain chances up to about 30%. So, there will be a little bit of rain, but not much. The little rain we see will help the temperature cool down, but only in those places with rain. Many areas will not see any rain at all.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Summer heat with storms in the mix by the weekend

Our current weather pattern presses forward another day with a near repeat forecast for this Thursday. Lots of hot, hazy sunshine will give way to a fast warm-up in temperatures that just barely start off below the 80s this morning. Look for the heat index back up to 105 this afternoon.

  First Alert Forecast: Heat continues with limited rain chances this week

Thursday will have slightly lower rain chances. I have a 20% chance for a few pop up showers. The rain will be more limited, and the sunshine should out shining. With lower rain chances, the heat will be on. There will not be anything to help cool the temperature down.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A needed break in rain gives rivers a chance to drain

Rain chances will be on the low side for the next few days as the big Bermudan high-pressure ridge from the east makes a return over the next several days, keeping a light southerly onshore wind, fairly quiet weather and nothing more than a few pop-up thunderstorms during the afternoon.

  First Alert Forecast: Back to a typical summer time weather pattern

Wednesday will have about a 30% chance of rain. There will be isolated to scattered showers in the afternoon. So, in the morning and evening there should not be much rain. Any rain we see will come to an end around sunset. Temperatures will reach the lower 90s. Then the heat index will be up to 100.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Normal summer pattern returns as river levels rise

The deluge of rain along the Calcasieu River basin on Monday has sent levels quickly up and prompted river flood warnings for points along the river as levels quickly rose on Monday. This water will continue downstream and further rises with crests expected by this afternoon at Oberlin.

  FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY: Flooding rains beginning to subside this afternoon but the damage has been done

The good news is that after today, rain chances will be much lower as the muggy summertime pattern returns and allows for temperatures to get hotter, our usual one or two pop-up afternoon storms but nothing more than that!

  Barry has moved out of SWLA, but we’ll still see rain through Monday

Tropical storm Barry continues to move to the north out of the area but we'll still see those effects through Monday

  Barry continues to accelerate toward northern Louisiana

Barry makes landfall, now slowly weakening as it slowly moves toward the NW

  Barry upgraded to a hurricane in the Gulf

Barry nears landfall in Vermilion Parish as of mid-morning Saturday.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Fewer storms means hotter temperatures returning this week

A building ridge of upper level high pressure will essentially cut off all daily rain chances Wednesday through Saturday, although one or two very isolated afternoon showers or thunderstorms could manage to overcome the ridge, but rain won’t be much of a talker at all over these days ahead.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain chances decreasing through the week

An upper level disturbance is located near our area, and this was the reason for all the clouds we saw through the day along with the rain that started Sunday and continued through Monday morning. This disturbance will remain in place through Tuesday and that means more clouds and the potential for

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: More scattered storms ahead Tuesday; summer heat closes out the week

We’re still monitoring the threat for some additional rain and storms this afternoon as the atmosphere is still primed for these to develop.

  First Alert Forecast: Thunderstorms expected to move through SWLA early Monday morning

Overnight we are also watching for an area of thunderstorms to develop and move across SWLA.

  First Alert Forecast: Rain chances increasing for the first half of the week

Rain chances decreasing for this evening, but for Father's Day rain chances are up to a 40% chance as we could see widely scattered thunderstorms.

  First Alert Forecast: Summer pattern returns

Summer pattern returns with humidity and afternoon showers

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: The summer swelter returns this weekend along with scattered storms

Expect a better chance of rain on Saturday than Sunday, although one or two isolated storms in the afternoon can’t be ruled out on Father’s Day as the swelter of summer-like heat and humidity lives on.

  First Alert Forecast: Humidity is set to return this weekend with higher rain chances next week

Friday will also be nice too, but the humidity will slowly come back. There will still not be any rain. That is because a high-pressure center will build in behind the cold fronts that have just passed through. Although, it will be moving farther away this weekend. That will keep rain away for now.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Wonderful weather continues; on track for weekend storms to return

Plenty of sunshine is ahead for today, so make sure to use plenty of sunscreen if outdoors. It’s a perfect day to be out by the pool or on the golf course because it’s not often we get days of low humidity in mid-June like we get today. In turn, this evening will be very pleasant with lows overnight

  First Alert Forecast: Great weather continues for now, but humidity comes back this weekend

Thursday will be another great day! There is another cold front arriving early in the morning which will bring more reinforcing cool, dry air. Therefore, the humidity will stay low. Temperatures will warm up to the upper 80s with a lot of sunshine.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A summer delight for a couple more days before the humidity kicks in

Make plans for a very similar day compared to yesterday with the clouds this morning giving way to increasing sunshine and a mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon. Lower humidity levels keep the heat index in check.

  First Alert Forecast: More fantastic weather this week with limited rain chances

Wednesday will also be nice with more great weather. The temperatures will remain in the 80s in the afternoon with low humidity. The clouds from Tuesday night will be gone, so I expect plentiful sunshine during the day.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Less oppressive heat arrives today; little to no rain this week

Sunshine and drier air will combine to bring afternoon highs into the 80s, but out of the 90s and afternoon feels like temperatures certainly won’t be in the triple digits compared to previous days.

  First Alert Forecast: Relief to the heat on its way along with low rain chances this week

Tuesday will be a really great day! There will not be any rain during the day. So, you can leave the umbrella at home. Plus, that cold front from Monday will do more good things for us. The humidity will be much lower, so it will feel great!

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rare June cold fronts bring a brief reprieve to the humidity

Today, only a few widely scattered showers will develop ahead of our first front of the week with the best chance of those occurring during the afternoon hours. Otherwise, another hot ahead with afternoon highs back into the 90s. Winds out of the north will keep humidity in check with no extremely h

  First Alert Forecast: Cold front tries to pass through SWLA early this week

A weak cold front moves through SWLA later this week. Temperatures cool off a few degrees!

  First Alert Forecast: Heat continues for a few days, but is some relief on the way?

Heat sticks around through the rest of the weekend, by mid-week we could see lower humidity!

  First Alert Forecast: Lower rain chances and hot temperatures this weekend

Saturday will no longer have a great chance for any rain. There will be a 10% chance of maybe one or two showers. Therefore, most of us will not see any rain at all. There should be a few passing clouds will a lot of sunshine.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Hot and very humid; a few storms possible today

As this low-pressure area continues to move northeast of our area on Saturday, winds will be prevailing out of west to west-northwest on Saturday. This will pull in some slightly drier air but not enough to bring any significant reduction in humidity levels.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain chances decreasing just in time for the weekend

Friday will be warmer with highs topping out near the 90 degree mark and heat indices will range from 95 to 102.

  First Alert Forecast: Heavy rain coming to an end, but more rain is possible this afternoon

For today, the biggest rain threat is now gone. I do not expect any more severe weather today. There wills till be a few showers in a few places. Therefore, I have not taken out the rain chances completely. They are up to 60%.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: More rain likely through Friday

A Flash Flood Watch is in effect for all of Southwest Louisiana through Thursday evening.

  First Alert Forecast: Widespread showers and heavy rain at times today

For today, there will be a lot of rain. I have increased the rain chance up to 70%. Keep the umbrella with you all day long. The rain will be possible just about anytime throughout the day. At times, the rain will be heavy. There could be some street flooding since there could be a lot of rain in a

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain likely Wednesday through Friday

Tuesday was the final day with limited rain and above normal heat as our weather pattern is about the change and that means more rain for Southwest Louisiana.

  First Alert Forecast: Afternoon storms possible today with more heavy rain later this week

For today, it will be another hot one. The temperatures will warm up to the lower to mid 90s. As we all know, the humidity is also high, so the feels like temperature should be back to near 100 degrees. I have increased the rain chance to 30% today.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain chances increasing later this week due to tropical moisture

Tuesday should be a carbon copy of Monday with warm and humid conditions. We will likely see a few very isolated afternoon showers or thunderstorms; the chance of rain is 20%. Temperatures will top out in the low 90s but heat indices will range from 98 to 105!