FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Clouds building into the afternoon, showers arriving overnight

A nice start to the day as we have seen plenty of sunshine and temperatures warming into the lower 60′s, but clouds are beginning to build through the afternoon.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A windy and chilly day, temperatures overnight with frost likely in some areas

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Sun slow to return but the rain has ended; frosty next couple of mornings

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Showers and even a rumble of thunder early, temperatures dropping overnight

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Briefly warming up ahead of our afternoon front; severe threat lessens thanks to longer than expected fog

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain likely Wednesday, with some strong storms possible…

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Cloudy cool and rainy at times through the rest of today; stormier Wednesday ahead

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  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Off and on rain showers through the evening, with a mild night ahead

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Unsettled pattern with rain for much of the first half of the week

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A cloudy and warm day, but rain chances increasing overnight

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Clouds and a few showers earlier, a mostly clear night ahead

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A nice sunny day today, a few clouds early Saturday with sunshine for the afternoon

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Dry into the weekend, but rain returns for most of next week

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A chilly and breezy day, temperatures even cooler tonight as we clear out

We have seen very cool temperatures as well as breezy conditions, which has made it feel even cooler across the area. This will be continuing into the afternoon as we begin to clear out and temperatures fall into the overnight period.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain moves out early; briefly colder through Friday

With the winter chill back, all we’re left with this morning is some patchy drizzle that will be on the exit before the noon hour. Clouds and cold temperatures in place will continue although the clouds will begin to break later in the afternoon.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A few showers through the evening, temperatures are falling overnight

We saw a few showers and thunderstorms earlier especially north of I-10, but the bigger story now turns to temperatures falling through the evening.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain and storms likely Wednesday, cold weather returns later this week…

As expected we were overcast Tuesday with a few scattered showers off and on throughout the day. Rain chances will increase overnight into Wednesday, so keep an umbrella and the KPLC First Alert Weather App handy.Tonight, will be warm and muggy with lows in the 60s across most of SWLA.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Warm windy day ahead; strong storms possible Wednesday

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain returning this week, another round of cool weather is a few days away

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Warmer with showers returning; strong cold front arrives Wednesday

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A wonderful afternoon with sunny skies, rain chances return to start the week

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A beautiful afternoon across Southwest Louisiana, we warm more for Sunday

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A nice afternoon shaping up, and an even better weekend filled with sunshine

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Big improvement to our dreary pattern ahead this weekend

Out the door this morning the rain has ended for us here in Southwest Louisiana with temperatures starting out in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. You’ll need the coat, but you can stash away the rain gear until next week as temperatures warm up slowly through the 50s and into the lower 60s.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A cloudy and chilly afternoon, a few light showers Friday morning

A chilly and cloudy afternoon, much like we saw on Wednesday with temperatures currently in the lower to middle 50′s.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Another cloudy cool day; early Friday could bring a few showers

As was the case yesterday, rain won’t be an issue, so you don’t need to worry about packing the rain gear today, despite the clouds and dreary feel.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A chilly afternoon, cloudy into our Thursday with cool temperatures

A chilly afternoon across Southwest Louisiana as clouds have been blanketing our area. The good news is we have remained dry for the day.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: The clouds and chill linger today; more showers early Friday

Although the rain has moved out, sunshine will be hard to find as thick clouds through the day keep a chilly feel in place through the day with afternoon high temperatures stuck in the 50s, so you’ll want to plan to keep on those light jackets through the day.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain ending tonight with a brief break for Wednesday, but don’t put the umbrellas away…

As expected, Tuesday started off with fog and then we began to see showers by late morning. Showers will continue through at least midnight and then gradually come to an end before sunrise Wednesday morning. If you have evening plans it would be best to take an umbrella or raincoat...

  MIDDAY UPDATE: Off and on showers will be with us through tonight

Radar is becoming a bit more active here as of midday with showers beginning to arrive in parts of Southwest Louisiana and those chances of rain will continue to steadily increase through the remainder of the afternoon.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Dreary weather pattern continues through the week with rain chances every couple of days

Monday was cloudy and cool with most areas only reaching the upper 50s to low 60s for afternoon hours. The clouds will likely thin some overnight, but this will be brief as clouds increase again by early Tuesday.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Tracking rain chances for the work-week ahead in your Monday morning forecast

Leave the umbrellas at home today, but don’t put them too far away as showers will be on the return Tuesday. Get ready for another round of fog tonight with temperatures dropping quickly into the 50s after sunset, continuing to fall into the upper 40s overnight.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: After a rainy start to the day, drier conditions heading into Monday

After seeing morning showers and rain, the area of precipitation has moved off to the east and we are finally beginning to see drier conditions.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A nice Saturday with a mixture of sun and clouds, rain chances increasing overnight into Sunday

A nice Saturday where the first half saw a good deal of sunshine, which allowed temperatures to warm into the lower and middle 60′s for the afternoon.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain returns this weekend, and more rounds likely next week too

Friday was a beautiful day with abundant sunshine and seasonable temperatures. Unfortunately the weather pattern is about to change again, and it could cause issues if you have outdoor plans this weekend.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A beautiful Friday ahead, but rain chances return for late Saturday into Sunday

A cool start to the day as we are in the lower 40′s for the areas to the north and middle 40′s along the I-10 corridor. The good news is this morning we are starting off dry unlike what we saw on your Thursday.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A much warmer afternoon, temperatures drop tonight as the cold front sweeps through

A much nicer afternoon today than what we saw on your Wednesday as we have seen glimpses of sunshine as well as temperatures around 20 degrees warmer.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain ending early; warmer through the day ahead

After 8:00 a.m. the chance of rain starts to drop and continue to taper off during the afternoon with a much-improved afternoon ahead. The roads will remain wet for awhile this morning even as the rains come to an end, so use caution on the roads, slow down and give yourself a little extra time.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Showers moving through, some heavier rain possible overnight

A cold and dreary day across Southwest Louisiana as we have been seeing showers continuing to move through the area. Temperatures are very cool as well as we are seeing temperatures in the lower to middle 40′s.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Showers on the way today; more rain tonight and Thursday

The umbrella may come in handy after school and after work today as the first rains of the day begin to move in out of East Texas. Radar already shows a few faint returns this morning to our west as the atmosphere begins to moisten up this morning, helping to prime to pump for showers later today

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Chilly again tonight, but rain returns Wednesday

Our weather pattern is changing, and you may have noticed some subtle hints of that today in the form of high thin clouds. This is a sign that bigger changes are on the way and it involves a warming trend along with rain.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Frosty start; next storm system on the way with showers Wednesday

Once the sun rises temperatures will eventually warm up through the 40s and into the 50s by afternoon with our last sunniest day before the next storm system arrives by tomorrow afternoon and evening.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Cold night ahead with frost likely; but more rain is not far away…

Well it finally feels like January again with highs today only reaching the 50s under sunny skies. Enjoy this taste of winter while it lasts, because warmer weather returns soon. Tonight, will be clear and cold with light winds allowing temperatures to drop quickly through the night.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Winter has finally returned for now; more rain later in the week

With another cold night on tap, make sure to take precautions for a light freeze as temperatures are expected to be a few degrees colder tonight. Make sure your pets have a warm place to stay, and also make sure to take the necessary precautions with your outdoor plants.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A much cooler day with plenty of sunshine, areas of frost possible over the next several nights

A much different day across Southwest Louisiana as we are seeing cooler temperatures and thankfully plenty of sunshine.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Heavy rain and a few storms this afternoon, clearing and turning cooler for Sunday

Dealing with warm and muggy conditions ahead of our cold front today as temperatures have warmed into the lower and middle 70′s.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Showers and even a storm possible Saturday, colder weather returns next week

Another warm day across Southwest Louisiana as temperatures have warmed into the upper 60′s and lower 70′s, but the main difference is the dew points are slightly lower for today.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Showers return Saturday, then turning much colder into next week

With the remnant showers coming to an end around sunrise, I don’t expect clouds will move out today which will keep a dreary feel as temperatures warm into the upper 60s to lower 70s this afternoon.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A weak front bringing a few showers today, a more noticeable front for Saturday

It’s been a warm and muggy day across Southwest Louisiana, but there are some signs that a slight change is on the way as we are watching a weak cold front move through the area.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Another foggy morning; front brings a few showers by afternoon

Ahead of the front today, temperatures get another chance to warm up into the 70s but will begin to drop through the 60s during the afternoon as the front drops southward through the state.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A warm and muggy day, limited rain chances today with showers possible for Thursday

A very warm and humid day across Southwest Louisiana as temperatures have risen into the middle and upper 70′s couple with the dew points in the upper 60′s and even lower 70′s provides for a very tropical air mass.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Another foggy start but without the rain today

Rain is holding off for the commute and all in all won’t be a big issue today as even fewer showers are expected to return through the morning and afternoon.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Limited sunshine the next several days with temperatures well above normal

As expected, Tuesday was warm and muggy with low clouds and fog around throughout the day; scattered showers and storms were found mostly north of I-10.Tonight will be warm and muggy with temperatures only dropping a few degrees with lows by Wednesday morning in the upper 60s across SWLA.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Fog lingers most of the day, although fewer showers in the forecast

The focus of the morning commute remains on the fog as visibilities remain very low across all of Southwest Louisiana. A Dense Fog Advisory is in effect through 9:00 AM as temperatures have warmed well into the middle to upper 60s overnight.

FIRST ALERT DAY: Cloudy with rain possible every day this week.

This week will be warm and muggy with a lot of clouds across Southwest Louisiana. So you will need to keep an umbrella handy all week, but you likely will not need a jacket for a while!

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain into the afternoon; fog set to arrive by early evening

While rain chances do return to the forecast today, no severe weather nor flooding will be likely this week, even with the high rain chances in place over the days ahead. We kick things off this morning with areas of fog developing thanks to a warm front lifting up over our coastline and thru SWLA.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A nice Sunday, but clouds build as well as rain chances for Monday

A nice afternoon across Southwest Louisiana as we have see plenty of sunshine as well as a few highs clouds, temperatures have been cooler as well as we have seen highs in the upper 50′s for the northern zones and some lower 60′s across the I-10 corridor.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A much calmer Saturday afternoon, temperatures very chilly overnight

After a very active overnight period where we saw strong storms moving across Southwest Louisiana our weather has been much calmer for the afternoon hours, and it really has turned into a nice day.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Severe weather threat is over, a nice afternoon ahead

The severe weather threat has diminished across Southwest Louisiana as the line of strong showers and storms has pushed off to our east.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A warm start, tracking severe storms Friday night into Saturday morning

Chief Meteorologist Wade Hampton has declared a First Alert Weather Day for Saturday morning. This is due to the potential for a large line of storms to impact everyone in Southwest Louisiana.

  FIRST ALERT DAY: Severe storms likely Friday night into Saturday morning.

Chief Meteorologist Wade Hampton has declared a First Alert Weather Day for Saturday morning. This is due to the potential for a large line of storms to impact everyone in Southwest Louisiana.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A warm day today with clouds and a few showers, severe storms possible Friday night into Saturday

Starting off milder this morning in comparison to yesterday as lows across the majority of the area are in the lower to middle 50′s.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Warmer the next few days with severe storms possible early Saturday morning.

As expected, Wednesday started off very chilly, but temperatures warmed up nicely under mostly sunny skies. However, you may have noticed the wind shifted to the southeast; that is a sign of a warming trend that has already begun.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A nice Wednesday ahead, but changes including storms for the end of the week

A cold start to our Wednesday morning as temperatures have dropped into the lower and upper 30′s across the area.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Frost tonight in many areas, rain chances return Thursday along with strong storms to begin the weekend

Tuesday was a sunny day with highs that topped out in the mid 60s. But clear skies and calm winds will allow temperatures to drop quickly tonight, so take a jacket if you have outdoor plans.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Back on the cooler side for now; stormy start to the weekend

The sunshine will be bright today which will help temperatures slowly warm up hour by hour through the 50s to back into the lower 60s by this afternoon. Breezes will continue to be occasionally gusty out of the north which will help to dry out the air even more.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Cold front arrives overnight with temperatures returning to normal for the next few days

Monday was a warm day with mostly sunny skies and temperatures that topped out in the low 70s. But temperatures will soon return to normal thanks to a cold front moving through overnight. The front might be able to produce a few isolated showers as it moves through, though the chance is only 20%

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Nice start to week ends on a stormy note closer to the weekend

A few showers will be possible closer to midnight as a front moves through overnight. Cooler and drier for the next couple of days with a stronger storm system on the way closer to the weekend.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: An absolutely gorgeous day, we see an increase in clouds into Monday

What a great way to end the weekend as we have seen plenty of sunshine as well as warm temperatures across Southwest Louisiana.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A beautiful afternoon with plenty of sunshine, warmer weather for Sunday

A very nice afternoon across Southwest Louisiana as we heave seen temperatures warming to the lower and middle 60′s.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Partly cloudy skies remain for today, but a beautiful weekend ahead

We have finally began to clear out a little as we have headed into the afternoon hours as a little bit of sunshine has peaked through the clouds and has helped the temperatures warm as well into the middle 60′s, making for a much better afternoon that what we saw on your Thursday.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain finally exits; sunny weather for the weekend

As the day progresses, some sun could return by this afternoon as we sit in a lull of warm and humid air until our dry reinforcing front pushes in later this afternoon and evening. This means our temperatures will warm up to near 70 again today but start off much cooler in the 40s by Saturday

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A rainy afternoon with some heavy pockets of rain, rain begins to move out into Friday

Rain has been continuing to move through Southwest Louisiana as we have entered the afternoon time frame after a relatively quiet morning where we saw a lull in the rain.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Another round of heavier rain returning later today

The forecast through the daytime hours still calls for increasing rain chances and harder duration rain at times which could still lead to some brief street flooding, so make sure to carry the KPLC weather app for those alerts and to track the radar.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: A mostly cloudy afternoon, rain moves in overnight

We have seen a mostly cloudy afternoon, with not much sunshine and that has held temperatures down into the upper 50′s and even a few lower 50′s for the areas farther north.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Less sun today, but the heavy rain threat holds off until Thursday

Temperatures will stay in the 40s through mid-morning before slowly warming up through the 50s to near 60 by mid to late afternoon. Through the evening, temperatures will hold in the 50s as rain chances start to increase closer to midnight and into the overnight.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain will not be an issue as we ring in 2020, but heavy rain could be an issue Thursday…

As expected, Tuesday was another sunny day although some high thin clouds started moving in during the afternoon. And we will see more of these clouds through the night. Tonight will be cool with temperatures dropping quickly; so, if you have any New Year’s Eve plans take a jacket!

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Dry to ring in the New Year ahead of a heavy rain threat Thursday

For those outdoors tonight to ring in the new decade, plan for a heavier coat as temperatures drop into the 40s after sunset and continue to fall into the lower 40s by midnight. Despite increasing clouds, rain will not be an issue for your plans tonight.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain returns as we change the calendar to 2020

Monday was a sunny and nice day with highs that topped out in the 50s and 60s. Overall Tuesday should be a repeat, but changes arrive as we begin 2020. Tonight will be clear and cold with lows ranging from near freezing north of I-10 to the low 40s at the coast.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Chilly end to 2019; rain returning later in the week

With temperatures back on the chilly side this morning, you’ll need a jacket before heading out this morning as most of Southwest Louisiana starts out in the 40s this morning with wind chill values closer to the upper 30s.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: The cold front is moving through, temperatures dropping overnight

We have seen temperatures in the lower 70′s ahead of the cold front today, but showers and storms have moved through the region and that has shifted out winds from the south to the northwest, which is ushering in much drier and cooler air.