Arrest made in synagogue arson

  Sleeping woman swallows wedding ring in Calif.

  Florida teen charged in music video threats

  Valuable golden toilet hasn't been recovered, authorities say

Thames Valley Police said investigations continue into the theft of the golden potty, an art piece called "America."

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  GRAPHIC: Possible blood thrown at California Senate in anti-vaccination protest

The California Senate had to stop their session Friday evening after a protester threw a red liquid from the upstairs gallery onto the legislative floor.

  Montana woman uses hair dryer to stop speeders

A grandmother in Montana is now an honorary state trooper after using a hair dryer as a fake police speeding radar. (Source: Tim Baumgartner/KPAX/CNN)

  Bahamas brace for tropical storm

  Veteran tells Sanders: ‘I’m going to kill myself’

  Ex-NFL player staged hate crime, police say

  Yak on the run | Video: Orchard House Bed and Breakfast

Video from Orchard House Bed and Breakfast in Lovingston, Va.

  Huffman sentenced in college admissions scandal

The "Desperate Housewives" star was sentenced in Boston's federal court Friday after pleading guilty in May to a single count of conspiracy and fraud.

  Attempted armed robbery of a taxi cab in Knoxville, Tenn.

The cab driver was able to get away

  Dating and depression in high school

A study published in the Journal of School Health reveals that teens who choose not to date fare as well as, or even better than, their coupled counterparts.

  Police: Employees at cell phone store were selling drugs, not phones

A Boost Mobile store in Florida is closed after authorities said they found a drug operation there.

  Google Earth helps find body of man in Florida lake; he'd been missing 22 years

An anomaly spotted in a Florida lake turned out to be a submerged car.

  Trump administration delays tariffs in bid to end trade war

The tepid relationship between the U.S. and China might be warming up.

  Atlanta woman says dad bitten by over 100 ants before death at VA Center

A woman says her father was bitten over 100 times by ants before his death at a VA Medical Center.

  Third Democratic presidential debate

Ten democratic presidential hopefuls face off in the third round of debates.

  Couple wanted for abandoning child, fleeing to Canada

Indiana authorities say a Lafayette couple abandoned their adopted daughter and moved to Canada.

  Marine tackles teens, stops high school fight

  Driver crashes into Ohio hospital

  Intensifying storm takes aim at devastated Bahamas

  Felicity Huffman sentenced, fined in college scam

  Texas boy told to cut hair or wear a dress

  200 yellow cars show up for boy with cancer

A boy battling cancer and who loves Bumblebee gets a yellow car surprise for his fourth birthday.

  2020 state of play on debate day

  2 men arrested near Area 51

Men arrested for allegedly trespassing near Area 51 say they weren't planning on storming it.

  Bus driver who shut door in kid's face resigns

A bus driver quits after a mother shares video of her shutting the bus door in her 11-year-old daughter's face and driving away.

  Stabbing suspect in Florida calls pastor before attacks

Antwann Demetris Brown is facing five charges of attempted first-degree murder and one charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

  Nadler: Trump impeachment hearings to begin next week

  High school football players gift their clothes to bullied classmate

The act of kindness is inspiring people around the U.S.