Mighty Mendit

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

After KPLC director Todd Taylor ripped a t-shirt in anger (he wasn't really angry, it was staged), we had to find a quick fix.  Don't worry, Mighty Mendit to the rescue.  The box we purchased comes with a six ounce bottle of the flexible adhesive as well as a one ounce bottle of Mighty Gemit, and fifty gems for bedazzling.  I read the instructions and sliced the tip off the bottle.

First, I attempted to fix Todd's torn shirt.  I spread the clear liquid on the tear and overlapped the cotton fabric.  I used some help from Kellie Hutchinson, and after about five minutes most of the holes and rips were mended.  It was time to set it aside to dry for two hours.  Next, I tried to mend a pocket and a belt loop on a pair of corduroy pants.  I found the Mighty Mendit quickly grasped onto and held the fabric near the pocket.  The belt loop needed a second dab though.  I tried a silk tie next and I found that I needed to be extra careful in order to control the excess gel.  I quickly ended up with an easy to clean up mess on my hands.  All I had to do to get it off was rub my fingers over the dried gel and it balled up and peeled off.  I then mended a pair of jeans with some patchwork to fill a big hole, as suggested by the instructions.  I tested the Mighty Mendit on a few more shirts, a seat cover, and some earrings.  I had to let the items dry for two hours before making the official check.

After tugging on the mended seems, I found the Mighty Mendit was a little fickle.  I said, "Mighty Mendit seemed to work on certain types of fabrics like the silk and even the polyester, and some of the cotton.  However, other fabrics it didn't hold up too well.  The pocket here on the back of these [corduroy] pants came right back off, and also the belt loop here came right off relatively easily.  So I'd say Mighty Mendit works as a quick fix for most fabrics, but certainly nothing's going to beat the old needle and thread in this situation."

And I didn't forget about the Mighty Gemit and those gems.  I put them to good use by bedazzling the mended shirt of director Todd.  The mighty gem it seemed to hold as well.  I would say through my experiences, Mighty Mendit would be good to have on you for a quick fix, but you are best suited with a needle and thread or some of those special pads for fixing the bigger holes.  Mighty Mendit is supposed to hold up in a washer, but we did not test that claim.

Mighty Mendit is only a quick fix that sometimes works, so it gets a sticky KIND OF for this week's "Does it Work?" test.   We purchased Mighty Mendit for $9.99 plus tax at a local Lake Charles business.

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