Officer Arrested: His Side of the Story

Published: Dec. 20, 2007 at 11:50 PM CST|Updated: Dec. 27, 2007 at 10:11 AM CST
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Reported By: Lee Peck

Arrested Wednesday by Louisiana State Police, a veteran of the Jennings Police Department stands accused of obstruction of justice and malfeasance in office. Sgt. Jesse Ewing is accused of handing over privileged information involving an ongoing investigation to a civilian private investigator. Speaking on behalf of Ewing, the P.I. says in the end evidence will prove Ewing's innocence.

The charges Jennings Police Sergeant Jesse Ewing faces centers around the ongoing investigation of unsolved murders of four Jeff Davis Parish women and what two inmates say they knew.

"According to them, they had some information that was never released to the public," said Kirk Menard.

Speaking on behalf of Sgt. Ewing, private investigator Kirk Menard says the two female inmates requested to speak with Ewing on December 8th about the murders. "They requested to speak with him and only him," said Menard.

According to Menard, Ewing interviewed the women separately over the course of two days. On tape recorded interviews, both women told the same story alleging a cover-up involving a high-elected parish official. Concerned over the serious implications, Ewing turned the information over to his friend.

"He didn't feel comfortable going to anyone locally not even his superior. So he gave it to me and I delivered it to the appropriate individuals," said Menard.

As the messenger, Menard handed the recordings over to the FBI and Louisiana Attorney General's Office on Monday December 10th. But that's not the only accusations on the tapes. During the course of interviewing the second inmate, accusations surfaced that Ewing inappropriately touched the first inmate.

"He said that didn't happen, and she said she thought that was a lie as well," said Menard.

Menard says Ewing did acknowledge to investigators that the female inmate pulled up her shirt in a suggestive manner. Acting as Ewing's legal defense investigator, Menard has since interviewed two cell mates of the two women who also believe the accusations were made up.

"They both acknowledged that they overheard both of the first witnesses plot against officer Jesse Ewing in order to get out of jail," said Menard.

While he remains under investigation, Menard believes evidence will eventually exonerate Sgt. Ewing.

"I believe that he blew the whistle. He believes that he blew the whistle because he didn't want any cover-ups. And we're not saying there's a cover-up, we're just saying that just in case he didn't want the appearance of impropriety," said Menard.

Menard says all of the tape recordings of Sgt. Ewing's interviews with those two female inmates remain in the custody of the FBI and State Attorney General's Office. Meanwhile Ewing remains free on 10,000 dollars bond and is on administrative paid leave.