Public wants escapee notification

March 15, 2007
By Theresa Schmidt

It was between two and three in the afternoon Wednesday when Brian Scott escaped from the Allen Correctional Center by scaling the fence. Scott is convicted of felony theft and as a fugitive was considered dangerous.

The prison is a medium security state facility but is operated by a private company,  the Geo Group. Warden Terry Terrell says, with the help of numerous law enforcement agencies, procedures were put in effect to identify the missing inmate and get a manhunt underway to capture him. "I don't know that you could get out of a situation any better than what we did. The inmate was apprehended. Neither he nor anyone in law enforcement was injured so we are very thankful for that. "

In such cases they notify those who live near the prison, that is if they've signed up to be notified when there's an escape. "About once a year and sometimes more frequently we put out flyers to all the local residents that we're aware of and ask them if they do wish to be contacted in a similar circumstance to simply fill out the form and name a number so we can put them on the calling list," says Terrell.

But people who live near the prison such as in this area called Hickory Flat say they need to do a better job of alerting the public when an inmate escapes. Explains Virgil Richard, "We're taxpayers. Why can't they burn a little gas and let us know something. They were supposed to have had a horn, an alarm system and we don't have that."  Neighbor Lloyd Miles agrees. "We've got some elderly people here and some handicapped people here by themselves and I'm mostly concerned about them. And we got kids."

Cameras are not allowed in the prison but photos furnished by the warden show escape does not come easily.  Big swirls of razor wire top ten foot fences.   In fact he says the inmate who got out suffered a serious cut on his hand.

Warden Terrell says they are still investigating and always look for ways to improve security and prevent future escapes. The warden apologizes to anyone they failed to reach and adds, anyone who lives near the prison and wants to be added to the call list should call 337-639-2943 or send him