New Lens correcting vision in astigmatism patients

The business of correcting eyesight is becoming more and more advanced. There seems to be a new, non-invasive procedure for everything now-a-days.  KPLC's Laila Morcos introduces us to the latest lens that's allowing patients to put their glasses away forever.

Marlene Ivey commutes to and from Baton Rouge for work. "I have an apartment there and a home in Sulphur."

A bit of a drive that just got a lot easier. "With no glasses. I don't really have a hard time with the glare," she says.  It's almost like Marlene gained her 5th sense.

She's had astigmatism since she was little. "Everybody called you names and you couldn't see." She's worn glasses or contacts ever since.

But when she developed cataracts, Opthomologist Gary Hart stepped in to help. He recommended a new lens that would correct the astigmatism after the cataracts is removed. "Not only do we get rid of cataracts so you see more. We also get rid of near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism."

Dr. Hart says astigmatism causes an error in vision. "Everything is distorted."

But the new Toric lens corrects that, and patients have better eyesight the same day. "The surgery takes at the most 10 minutes."

"I can see 20/20. I've never had that in my whole life." Now, Marlene's drive to Baton Rouge is much easier, and she doesn't second guess her driving skills.

For more information on the Toric lens, call The Hart Eye Center at 439-4014.