The Ultimate Saints Party

January 21, 2007
Reported By: Lee Peck

Fan or not, it seems like everyone was rooting for the Saints Sunday. KPLC's Lee Peck was at the Ultimate Saints Party and reports the black and gold spirit was contagious.

The excitement was high long before kickoff. For party host Kenny Hedrick, his passion for the Saints started as a boy listening to games on the radio with his grandfather. "They didn't have coverage on the TV so I would go and listen to them on the radio with my grandfather," said Hedrick. "He's no longer with us, but he's the one who got me started and I've been a Saints fan ever since."

Years later, Hedrick is now a season ticket holder. "I was at the game last week. I'd love to be at the game today, but I had a choice: This game or the Super Bowl.... And I'm holding out for the Super Bowl," said Hedrick.

In order to make it to the big game everyone will need their black and gold, including the pups. You will also need a game day haircut. The back of Beau Melerine's head now bears the number "25" -- in honor of his favorite running back Reggie Bush. "We were at the bar last night. When we got home I decided I should have a haircut for today. So we did it and it come out pretty good considering we were at the bar," said Melerine.

You must also despise the opposite team. A teddy bear bearing the name of Chicago Quarterback Rex Grossman takes a beating from Saints fans.

Most of all though, you need spirit -- something this group is not without despite being scoreless for most of the first half. "With Katrina and Rita, this is definitely a Cinderella story. The slipper is not off yet," said Ricky Hickman.

For those game day appetites there is plenty of food. From gumbo to a Drew Brees cake... it is all delicious! And as soon as the lucky cheese dip arrived, cheers echoed as Reggie Bush broke loose for an 88 yard touchdown.

The cheers would later turn to silence after the Bears scored their third touch down. But these die hard fans are not broken, they rally together to keep the dream alive.

Julie Sanders: "I haven't lost faith! Have you guys lost faith?"

Crowd: "No!"

Julie Sanders: "Do you believe?"

Crowd: "Yes!"

Julie Sanders: "I don't hear you believing. On the count three: 1, 2, 3 --  I believe! CHEERS!"

But not even their rally caps could keep the Bears from scoring one more time. With Super Bowl dreams now up in flames, these true Saints fans say there is always next year.