BB/BS match - Angela & Safiya

September 13, 2006
Reported by Pam Dixon

Angela Redmon and eight year old Safiya might not be quite ready to join a rock and roll band, but they have found the right beat in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Safiya says, "She's kind of like a real sister to me. She takes care of me. She teaches me to be kind to others and help them."

Angela, who has always been a kid at heart, has been a big sister for ten years. Her first little sister outgrew her and is now an adult, so Angela quickly signed up for another one and met Safiya three years ago. Angela says, "I enjoy having fun. I love being a kid at heart. That's my favorite thing, being a kid at heart. And you have so much fun, like blowing bubbles. My favorite thing is blowing bubbles with Safiya, going to the movies. I just like being with a child that loves to have fun."

Safiya lives with her mother and three brothers, so having another gal pal around makes for a whole lot of fun. Safiya says, "She's great. She's nice and she does all kind of stuff for me and I appreciate that." Angela says, "It's not something that has a price tag attached to it. It really doesn't. There are so many things that you can do without money being involved. You can go and have fun. You can watch movies at your house, bake cookies, go and do fun things."

All it takes is a couple of hours twice a month and you too can gain a new perspective on life. The agency even organizes some of the activities for its "bigs" and "littles."  If you would like to learn more about becoming a big brother or big sister, call 478-KIDS or click here.