Bob Taylor

Date:  August 24, 2006
Reported by:  John Bridges

There's a Welsh man who tries to make it a brighter day for nursing home residents in his hometown. Residents and staff of the Welsh Nursing Home wouldn't know what to do without their daily visits from Bob Taylor. The 78 year old retired farm equipment dealer started this when a good friend of his lived here.

"So I just got into the habit of going. There's about 100 residents in the nursing home. I know all their first names. I love old people. I'm not much for babies."

"He just cares," says former Welsh mayor Jimmy Martin.  "He's a very caring person. He appreciates every good fortune in his life and continues to care for people."

"A lot of days I say well, "I've got the blues, i'm not going out there today." Then I force myself and go. And i'm the one that benefits."

Bob Taylor, making a difference in Jeff Davis parish.