Published: Jul. 19, 2006 at 3:02 PM CDT|Updated: Jul. 2, 2015 at 5:03 AM CDT
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The FAIRLY NORMAL COMEDY TOUR, featuring Last Comic Standing's Josh Wolf, Flip Schultz and Theo Von, is an evening of non-stop laughter. Grab a cocktail and some munchies and join these three hilarious comics as they take you on a whirlwind night of high energy rants about marriage, kids, dysfunctional families, the absurdity of Paris Hilton, reality shows, and more-you name it, they are talking about it. Their diverse comedic palettes have something for everyone to walk away in stitches.


When Josh Wolf gets on stage it's out of necessity. Being a father of three children, ages nine, twelve and fourteen, Josh says on stage what every parent wishes they could say

out loud about raising children. The honesty in which he attacks life, marriage and family is both relatable and funny. There is nothing sacred in his own life that he doesn't talk

about on stage. A veteran comedian of twelve years, Josh began his career on the Seattle comedy circuit where he was quickly discovered and is now a revered comic at the legendary Comedy Store, The Hollywood Improv, and The World Famous Laugh Factory. His one-man show, FAIRLY NORMAL, performed at the HBO Workspace in Hollywood, won him National acclaim, a television deal at NBC, ABC and 20th Century Fox. In the last four years, Josh has become an established sitcom writer for such shows as Will Smith's ALL OF US, YES DEAR, and CUTS, starring the notorious AMERICAN PIE star Shannon Elizabeth.


Flip Schultz knew he was off to a good start when he won Ed McMahon's NEXT BIG STAR at the beginning of his career. His affable demeanor, rubbery limbs and tall, wiry frame often remind critics of a young Jim Carrey.  His very physical stage performance is what draws people in. Within seconds of being on stage, Flip turns into a manic, mike-wielding madman that is original and just darn funny. But his humor does not end with just his physicality. His well conceived bits show an insight for social satire and rapport with his audience. Having performed on both COMEDY CENTRAL and HBO, Flip has also shared the stage with veteran comedians George Carlin, Bobcat Goldthwait, Jamie Kennedy, Jay Mohr, and Damon Wayans and is a regular at the Comedy Store, The Hollywood Improv, and the renowned Punchline Comedy Club in New York.


Theo Von is a 25 year old Louisiana native whom you may recognize from MTV ROAD RULES and MTV REAL WORLD challenges. Theo is a favorite on the comedy college circuit, hitting the pulse of college students and young adults. He hosts his own college night show at the World Famous Laugh Factory in Hollywood.  His comedic bits include rants about his dysfunctional family, growing up in the South and his experiences on MTV. He's funny, cute and the ladies love him.

Together these three guys make a show that is unforgettable. They have chosen Lake Charles native AMY CLAIRE LLOYD to be their MC for the evening. Amy Claire, a graduate of Barbe High School, is now and up and coming young comedian in Los Angeles who performs at the Comedy Store and the celebrated Friar's Club every Tuesday night.

Although it will be an evening of cocktails, fun and laughter, these comedians are very much aware of the devastation that is still a part of Southwest Louisiana since Hurricane Rita. Theo and Amy Claire, both being from Louisiana, and Josh Wolf's wife, Bethany Ashton Wolf, also a Lake Charles native, have a strong commitment to the areas affected by the hurricane. THE FAIRLY NORMAL TOUR will be donating a portion of their proceeds from the evening to a charity called Rita Remembered to help in rebuilding Southwest Louisiana.

The comedians will be signing autographs, CD's and DVD's in the lobby of the Rosa Hart Theater immediately following the show.