Westlake City Council discusses clubhouse funds

Westlake City Council discusses clubhouse funds

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - "We're fixing to turn what was a liability against us into an asset," Westlake Mayor Bob Hardey said.

Ever since the city opened The National Golf Club of Louisiana, it's been missing a clubhouse.

"We've been waiting on it forever, we've lost money for forever," Pat Ellender, a concerned resident, said.

Mayor Hardey said the project could cost up to 4 million dollars, at least 2 million of which Hardey said could be borrowed.

"We did not go out there and say we're going to borrow 2 million dollars. That was to allow our finance man to go see," Hardey said, "Four years ago, we couldn't get a bank to even talk to us because we were broke. We were a month away from bankruptcy, today, we have five banks bidding on that project because they see what's taking place."

Talks of the $2 million loan, left Westlake residents concerned they'll have to pick up the bill down the road.

"This community will never see a dime profit from that golf course, whether it's a clubhouse or anything else. We're not Baton Rouge, we don't need a big city country club," Ellender said.

However, the interim head pro of The National, Tyler Havard, said the clubhouse will be a benefit for the community and could even bring more golfers to the greens.

"There's no way it could be a bad thing to get a clubhouse on the golf course. It's always going to be positive and, you know, help everyone out," Havard said.

Hardey said any of the money they get from the homes in the area would go towards financing the clubhouse, which would prevent them from borrowing more money.

He also said if the finances and bids are right by November. Developers could break ground on the clubhouse as early as the first half next year.

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