McNeese brings new technology with the new year

Mcneese brings new technology with the new year

LAKE CHARLES, LA - McNeese students are back for the Fall semester and with a new school year came some new changes.

McNeese added electronic lockers, phone chargers and new furniture to their student center, but the biggest change comes with the introduction of a new electronic platform.

Kedrick Nicholas, the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, told us about the new resource.

"We're adding an online platform called 'Engage' and our version is called 'Engage McNeese' which is a way student, faculty, and staff can communicate," said Nicholas, "We're meeting the millennial generation in the middle."

It's said to help new and returning students connect to campus organizations along with faculty and staff.

Nicholas stated, "When they come on campus and see how things have improved since they left, I think that's going to give them a little bit better of a boost of energy to get through this semester."

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