Veteran sues New Orleans VA Office saying his rights violated concerning benefits

Veteran sues New Orleans VA Office saying his rights violated concerning benefits

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - George Jackson is a Navy combat veteran from the Vietnam war. He's bedridden since a fall fourteen years ago.

"I cannot walk around. I can feed myself, and basically, that's the extent of what I can do. I can brush my teeth. Other than that, I get help from my wife to do everything else that I need to do," said Jackson during an interview at his home.

Jackson explains, his disability became so severe because of injuries stemming from his service.

"I didn't have the problem before I went in the military. I feel as though, for what I gave them, for them giving 100% is still nothing compared to what I gave the military," he said.

"We're trying to fight the system which is the only way I"m going to get what's due me," said Jackson.

Paul Labbe is a registered agent for Louisiana Veterans Advocacy group who has helped thousands receive their benefits.

"This is the worst case I've ever seen in 30 years," said Labbe.

He says Jackson has missed out because he was not given the proper medical discharge.

"The government is deliberately and has been deliberately delaying, denying and refusing to award veterans according to their physical disability. That way they can keep more money in the system for them to play with," said Labbe.

Labbe filed the lawsuit because he says Jackson's rights have been violated.

"I'm suing for the violation of his constitutional rights to due process, deliberately going against all medical evidence of record."

Labbe says if they win it will have national ramifications.

"Every director all over the United States will know that if they continue to do what they're doing that they will be held accountable," said Jackson.

Jackson and his wife, Helene, say their action is not for the money:

"It's not about the money and George, it's the principle. You know we're in America. Let's treat our vets like they are in America. They go in and fight for us and then when they come out, they don't do them justice. They gotta fight for what they deserve and it's not right," said Helen, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Jackson seeks a trial by jury in federal court. He asks for a $50,000 money award plus $100,000 to punish the New Orleans VA for how he's been treated.

A spokesman for the VA says it does not comment on pending litigation.

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