Hometown Hero: Annette Ballard

Hometown Hero: Annette Ballard

When she was a student at Central School back in the 1940s, Annette Ballard knew that teaching was in her blood. It may have been because her father, A.J. St. Dizier was principal.

"He never let us rest on any laurels. I called him once when I received a particular honor. I was really proud of it. Daddy said, that's great. So now what are you going to do. Which was a wonderful message: don't look back. Take today and move forward."

Ballard went on to become a teacher, principal and school board member.

"I love people. I love what they're doing. So I'm really excited at what they're doing. Like working in a school and seeing what goes on in the classroom. That's really exciting."

Ballard also helps with several non profit organizations in SWLA. It keeps the retired educator busy.

"My philosophy is I don't stop one thing until the next thing is in place. That way I don't wake up one morning wondering what my goal is for that day."

Ballard was just elected to a third term on the Calcasieu Parish School Board. She was unopposed.

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