Chennault International Airport reopens runway after months of repairs

Chennault International Airport reopens runway after months of repairs

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Chennault International Airport reopened their 2-mile-long main runway Thursday after four months of major repairs.

For months, crews have been pouring new concrete, adding state of the art lighting, repainting the runway. and installing a blast pad, this according to Kevin Melton, Executive Director of the airport.

Before the runway reopened, workers came together for a "FOD", or foreign object debris walk.

"So foreign object debris is anything that might be left on the ground that imposes a risk or flight hazard to flight operations, or in this case, ground operations," says Melton, "So anytime you have an engine might suck up that foreign object debris...which might damage the airplane."

Items such as rocks and nails were picked up along the over 10,000 feet long runway.

The months-long project didn't shut down the airport; the parallel taxiway was used as a temporary runway during repairs on the main runway.

This solution earned Chennault the "Louisiana Airport of the Year" award from the FAA in 2017.

Melton says now that their main runway is reopened, it is the longest runway from Houston to Cape Kennedy.

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