GRAPHIC: Woman suffers second-degree burns after walking on Cameron beach

Holly Beach. (Source: KPLC)
Holly Beach. (Source: KPLC)
Updated: Aug. 8, 2018 at 12:05 PM CDT
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Woman burns feet at Holly Beach (Source: KPLC)
Woman burns feet at Holly Beach (Source: KPLC)

CAMERON, LA (KPLC) - Most people would consider a walk on the beach relaxing, even romantic, which is what Natasha Naquin was after as she and her husband walked down Holly Beach on their 13th anniversary.

"It was hot, but it's been a while since I felt the sand in my feet. So, as we started going, it started getting hotter and hotter," Naquin said, "I burned my feet. second-degree burns on both of my feet."

Naquin said she tried walking into the grass, but had to go back to the car with no idea the extent of her injuries.

Her husband followed her. "He said he saw something hanging from the bottom of my foot," she said, "He thought it was trash. So when he went to grab it, I said no that was my skin."

Naquin's husband rushed her to the emergency room but things weren't getting any better. "There was nothing I could have done to take the heat out of my feet," Naquin said.

Dr. Tyson Green, a foot and ankle specialist, said it's not just the hot sand people need to look out for. "In the sand, there's not always just clean pristine sand," he said, "There's glass bottles, other things that can get inside your feet too."

Naquin had surgery to remove the excess skin. Even with shoes, the sand still burned the top layer of her skin

"I've worn those shoes to the beach before and this has never happened except for this last weekend," Naquin adds.

Naquin says since her surgery she's doing much better.

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