New golf course replacing Mallard Cove

New golf course replacing Mallard Cove

The Mallard Cove Golf course has been causing problems for the functionality of the Chennault International Airport.

"Because of where the golf course is currently located, we're unable to use one of our taxiways and put airplanes out there," said Executive Director Kevin Melton.

That's one of the factors leading the airport to buy the property that is currently a golf course. Mallard Cove is right in the middle of the much-needed area for the runways, but soon, the course will be taken over.

"We're really excited about the opportunity the Mallard Cove golf course acquisition brings. Our primary objective is economic growth here in southwest Louisiana. One of the ways we can do that is through the development of the airport."

Melton says Chennault is currently the third highest grossing airport in the state, and that this expansion into the courses land will allow south-west Louisiana to grow along with the airport.

"The fact that we have a number of opportunities here on the airport, the economic impact is going to be throughout not only Lake Charles, but throughout the region as well."

The mayor's office says the land for the new golf course is 160 acres. It is likely off of East McNeese street between Corbina Road and La. 397. The land was donated by Morgan Field Development, a property management company. As for residents concerned about missing out on playing 18 holes due to construction, the mayor's office says Chennault won't be able to take over mallard cove until they finish building the new course.

"It's a success story for the community, it's the fact that we're going to be able to come in here and grow and at the same time, the city is going to get a new golf course out of it."

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