19 nurses at LCMH pregnant at the same time

19 nurses at LCMH pregnant at the same time

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - "There were sometimes tears," said mother Alyssa Fontenot, "But usually we were all happy and if we weren't getting cranky, we would just tell each other to go eat."

Fontenot, the mother of baby Luke, was just one of 19 nurses at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital who were pregnant, all at the same time.

Director of Nurses Janice Redlich says, "Family is what we consider each other and seeing each one of the girls have a baby was really special."

Included in the list of 19 are: Stranton, Isla, Pacey, Hollyn, Eleanor, William, Abigail, Maddox, Kylie, Hudson, Declan, Sadie, Mason, Luke, Stella, James, Owen, Emma, and Palmer.

"It was actually really fun because it's like a family," Fontenot said, "We work with each other for so long. Being pregnant with your best friends, it's like every girl's dream. So it was great working together and comparing our pregnancies the whole time."

So what was it really like working with 19 pregnant women? Their boss says it made them better nurses.

"It really didn't have any effect on their ability to care for patients. I think it gave them more compassion because they want to have a good experience," Redlich said.

The babies ages range from 10 months to one year old and the moms are excited to watch their babies grow up together.

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