Calcasieu Parish School Board pilots new online payment system

Calcasieu Parish School Board pilots new online payment system

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - We reached out on Facebook to see what you thought about school fees, and got a handful of responses, both positive and negative.

One parent says school fees on top of with everything else they have to pay for is crazy. Another, would be interested in seeing a list that explains where their money is going. While a third parent, who has a blended family of six children, said these fees are outrageous, and has already paid almost $500 for four of her children's school supplies.

However, one mother says these fees are only a small cost for what her son will learn, and how this education will impact his life.

"An education is one of the most important things that you can give them. And it's free," Shandell Moss, stay at home mom, said. "The more of the benefits you see from it, the more you see how it just works all through their life. Those fees just become smaller and smaller and smaller."

Whether you like these fees or not, the Calcasieu school board is testing out an online payment system at four schools in the district, that will make paying these fees more convenient. Those schools include Sulphur High School, Sulphur 9th grade campus, F.K. White Middle School, and Sam Houston High School.

Wayne Foster, Director of Internal Auditing with the Calcasieu Parish School Board, said these registration fees go back to the school.

"All of those fees go directly into the school's administrative fund, and it's used for the operation of the school," Foster said. "The bulk being copier costs, supplies and that sort of thing."

However, some of these payments are going directly to other parts of the school.

"The majority of the activities are actually for specific classrooms or clubs, such as cheerleading and football, which can vary among schools," Foster said.

In order to make a payment, all you have to do is go to the school board's website.

"Basically they can pay anything, anything they would normally pay in cash or check for, whether it be a fee or club membership," Foster said.

Foster said the system is just like Amazon, you add the activity to your cart, and check out.

The school board hopes to roll out this online payment program throughout the school district by the next school year.

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