Local attorney speaks out on how he overcame addiction

Overcoming addiction

Sean Corcoran, a successful divorce and custody attorney in Lake Charles didn't always have success in his life. Twelve years ago, he struggled with drug addiction, saying that he was killing himself every day.

Corcoran wrote a heartfelt post on Facebook about his personal demons and the battle he encountered as he worked to overcome it.

"It was very difficult, it's very difficult to say 'here are my imperfections, here are my defects of character, here are the most shameful experiences of my life. It was important for me to share that in case any one person may see that and say, 'that's what I needed to hear today.' "

Corcoran says that he had to hit his lowest to have nowhere else to turn but to God. For him, the lowest came after being homeless and unemployed, it came when he was cut off from his family.

"For them to say, 'your stuff is on the front porch, come pick it up and don't come back. I needed that to be able to turn to god and to realize that's all that was left."

Corcoran shared his story online to inspire others in the community that are struggling with similar issues that there is a way out of that lifestyle. He says that it is challenging and that even he hasn't had a perfect road to recovery, but having support and family around you makes it an easier road.

Corcoran wants to challenge those struggling with these issues to personally address them and seek help. He says that without owning up to the facts of life, he wouldn't have sought for help.

He is now 12 years clean, married with two children, and looking to adopt.

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