Woman stung by sea lice at Holly Beach

Woman stung by sea lice at Holly Beach
Published: Jul. 10, 2018 at 2:57 PM CDT|Updated: Jul. 10, 2018 at 3:00 PM CDT
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When you hear of lice, you typically think of the bug found in hair, but sea lice turned one family's vacation into a nightmare.

"We were proud of our son. He just got accepted into the gifted program and he wanted to go to the beach.  We can go sleep on the beach," says Kira Anson.

The Anson family was at Holly Beach and everything was fine until Kira, the mother, got into the water. "I went in the water," says Anson, "Maybe ten minutes (later) I started getting stinging sensations and it felt like I was getting bit or something."

Sea lice aren't normal lice, they're actually baby jellyfish.

According to the Department of Health, sea lice can cause rashes, bumps, and welts on the skin. And right now, it's breeding season.

"I was covered," Anson says,"It was all in my top and all in my bottom, so it was all over me. My husband only had a couple around the edges of his swimsuit, and that was it. My kids didn't have anything but it was all over me."

Anson said her loose bathing suit may have been the reason she was bit and her children weren't. The Anson's canceled their trip, did some research, and made sure the kids weren't affected by the tiny jellyfish.

"We thoroughly cleaned both kids in as hot water as they can stand 'cause that's what it says online; get them in the hot water and clean them," Anson says.

Purple flags typically signify sea lice in the water, but the clear, tiny, creature is nearly impossible to spot until you've already been stung.

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