Alert postal carrier and neighbor rescue elderly woman on floor for days

Alert postal carrier and neighbor rescue elderly woman on floor for days

Imagine lying helplessly on the floor in your home for days, waiting and hoping that someone will find you before it's too late. It happened to 80-year-old Maggie Arcement of Calcasieu Parish, who will never forget the ones who came to her rescue.

Arcement sits on the side of the bed a few minutes after waking up in the morning.

"Saying my prayers and my meditation and then I stand up and go on my way.  I do this so I don't get dizzy," she explains.

But last Monday her legs gave way. She collapsed on the floor and couldn't get up.

"Finally I decided I'll get as close to the front door as I can, cause that's where somebody will hear me," she said.

After crawling close to the front door, two days and two nights went by.

"I kept praying that I'd make the telephone and when I realized I couldn't do it, I couldn't reach that far from the floor, then I went to the front door and I just stayed there hoping that somebody'll come by," she said.

On Wednesday, her postal carrier, Lena Morris noticed mail was piling up.

"She knew something was wrong because I love getting my mail and I'm running out to get it when she comes," said Arcement.

She ran to neighbor Linda Gaskin "and told Ms. Linda, we need to get a hold of Ms. Maggie because something's not right," said Morris.

Linda considers Maggie family and has a key to her house.

"We went to the door and I knocked, and I hollered,'Maggie!'  She heard me and said, 'Do you have your key?' And I looked through the pane of the window and I saw her on the floor," said Gaskin.

And soon emergency help was on the way.

Maggie now must use a walker and cannot stay alone.

But she'll always remember the women who cared enough to check on her before it was too late.

"I want to thank my good friend Linda Gaskin who's my neighbor and who's looked after me and also Lena.  If it hadn't been her on the route, I wouldn't be sitting here I don't think," said Arcement.

Maggie's rescuers are grateful she survived.

"We were just overjoyed that she was still alive. It breaks my heart that she was on the floor for over two days.  No food, no water," said Morris.

"We were very worried about her. She was severely dehydrated.  I was scared to death and she was so brave. I was crying, I was scared for her," said Gaskin.

They remind others to keep an eye out for those elderly, frail or living alone because everybody needs a guardian angel or two.

One suggestion for those who live alone is to pair up with a phone buddy and touch base daily at a certain time.

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