The great internet debate: Yanny or Laurel

Updated: May. 16, 2018 at 7:06 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Here we go again... This time, the internet isn't fighting over a dress that may or may not be blue and black.

A strange audio clip has taken over, making people question their hearing.

It's the newest debate sweeping the internet - whether you hear Yanny or Laurel in this clip.

What do you hear?

Audiologist and owner of Hearing Solutions of Louisiana, Dr. Jake Cavanaugh, says what you hear depends on a few different factors.

"How it was recorded, how it was played back, if there was any frequency modulation in between the two, and also the speaker, said Cavanaugh. "Is the person more of a high-pitched voice or a low-pitched voice? All of those play into whether you hear Yanny or Laurel."

Cavanaugh says many in his field believe the clip is actually two different recordings.
The higher frequency is the Yanny and the lower frequency is the Laurel.
It will depend on the type of speakers you hear it on, and what range of frequencies your ears pick up.

"What we do know is when you modulate the base of each word you may hear one or the other," said Cavanaugh.

Listen to when the frequency in the recording is shifted.

Hear a difference?

"When people do voice recordings and things of that nature, they're allowed to amplify certain things for the better, and that's probably where this started," said Cavanaugh. "There may be other words that are similar like this, where they have similar acoustics and you can change the modulation."

But Cavanaugh still says no matter what you hear, you're not wrong or right if you hear one over the other.

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