F.K. White Middle School hopes to grow opportunities with teaching garden

F.K. White Middle School hopes to grow opportunities with teaching garden

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - F.K. White Middle School in Lake Charles is hoping to grow new opportunities with their new teaching garden that started with just a seed of an idea.

"One of our science teachers Amanda LaBove has this idea with John O'Donnell who works for Healthier Southwest Louisiana," said Jessica Woolmington, an art teacher at the school. "He approached me and then Amanda as well and said, 'Hey, we need to do this. We should've started this yesterday, so let's get on it,' and we did and welcome to our world now."

With a little help from the community, the project began to grow.

"It started off to where it was going to be a very small garden," said Amanda LaBove, 7th-grade science teacher. "We brought in John O'Donnell and we talked to him and he started bringing sponsors in and we got hooked up with the Junior League. All of a sudden our small little garden turned into this."

"The provisional class of the Junior League has made this completely possible because we asked for a couple things and then lo and behold, take a look behind me," said Woolmington. "They have come together and helped us out a lot, donating all this stuff with Stines and all that, so we cannot thank them enough for making this happen."

The students are proud of their garden and are already seeing the fruits of their labor.

"We've taken students that might have behavior problems in other areas and they've come out and they're seeing 'Okay, I'm making an impact with this ' and they're super proud of it," said LaBove.

F.K. White will use the garden as an outdoor classroom for all subjects.

"English teachers can bring their kids out here to get inspiration to write, science teachers can definitely use it because this is all science," said LaBove.

The school is looking to give back to the community with the garden by giving food to students with limited resources at home. They also plan to talk to organizations that work with the homeless.

"The Junior League can't fully take credit," said Marwa Vicknair, co-chair of the Junior League's F.K. White garden project. "We had a lot of great donations from local businesses. Lake Charles is amazing and when someone is in need the community comes together."

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