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The law firm of Lundy, Lundy, Soileau & South has personal injury attorneys in Lake Charles, LouisianaJackson, Mississippi; and Fayetteville, Arkansas. The firm offers legal services throughout the southeastern United States with personal injury attorneys licensed to practice in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas. From the modest beginning of a two-office suite in the old Lakeside National Bank Building in Lake Charles, Louisiana, in 1986, the firm's Lake Charles location is now in the newly renovated historic federal courthouse/post office at 501 Broad Street in Lake Charles, LA, originally constructed in 1909.

With an emphasis on trial work and civil litigation both in state and federal court, Lundy, Lundy, Soileau, & South, L.L.P. is unique in providing representation to a broad spectrum of clients - from families who have been victims of personal injuries or suffered property damage as a result of industrial and chemical contamination, to large corporations and insurance companies, defending them in a variety of potential liability situations.

The multi-office structure of Lundy, Lundy, Soileau, & South, L.L.P. allows the law firm to work efficiently throughout the southeast. A regional firm gives clients more resources than most law practices can provide, making the clients' time more effective and allowing an opportunity to establish a long-lasting working relationship with the attorneys.

Additionally, Lundy, Lundy, Soileau, & South's  regional practice has afforded the firm an opportunity to better assist law firms from other areas of the country by way of co-counsel arrangements and referrals. Lundy, Lundy, Soileau, & South has been involved in pharmaceutical drug litigation, occupational disease suits and debtor/creditor matters, which commonly cross state lines.

The firm has been steadfast in taking on causes, representing individuals and pursuing goals that are worthy and sometimes controversial. Members of the firm have been involved in such high profile cases as Marvin Gorman v. Jimmy Swaggart, Spitzfaden v. Dow Corning, Comeaux v. Vista Chemical, Manual v Eckerd Corporation and others.