Project aims to improve sewerage system in Lake Charles

Manhole cover overflowing during street flooding in LC
Manhole cover overflowing during street flooding in LC
Published: Mar. 28, 2018 at 8:53 PM CDT|Updated: Mar. 28, 2018 at 11:33 PM CDT
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The aging water lines in the city of Lake Charles are no secret.

This month the City began a project on a wastewater basin to rehabilitate sewer lines.

This is the third year of a multiyear maintenance program for the sewerage collection lines that lead to Plant A located on North Ryan Street.

The goal of the work is something you may not see, but something that affects you, especially when it rains.

Water bubbling up through the sewers and manhole covers is a common sight to see in the City of Lake Charles.

It's also something you might not think about too much with streets looking more like rivers, but it is a result of all that rainwater getting into older faulty sewer lines, and ending up at the water treatment plants.

"What we notice when there is a heavy downfall, our wastewater treatment plant will see 10 or 12 times the amount of water flowing through it, not because people are flushing their toilets more during a rainstorm, but because of infiltration," said Mayor Nic Hunter.

This $1.3 to $1.4 million project aims at taking that pressure off of Wastewater Plant A in North Lake Charles.

"This is an ongoing maintenance project for the City to come in and make those spot repairs where needed," said Hunter. "We are going in with cameras into these lines to find, not only cracks but see if roots or obstructions happen within those lines and cleaning those out."

This phase of the project will focus on Basin Four, which is roughly the area of  Fitzenreiter Road south to Interstate I-10, and between N. Shattuck Street to N. Malcolm Street.

The project is expected to last around 9 months.

Something Hunter says will not only improve the quality of the water and but the quality of life.

"It will take pressure off of our wastewater plants it will be good for the communities it will help the general operations of sewer throughout the city," said Hunter.

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