Budget cuts may be coming to higher education

Budget cuts may be coming to higher education
Louisiana Legislature

LOUISIANA (KPLC) - One of the biggest issues in the regular legislative session in Baton Rouge is funding for state universities.

With three months left to solve the state's budget issues, public colleges may be facing yet another huge cut.

One of the programs that is facing cuts is the TOPS program which provides scholarships for college students.

Now, legislatures are stating that even if TOPS is fully funded, higher education may still see a drastic cut.

Governor John Bel Edwards' current plan would see universities and colleges in our state lose around 300 million dollars.

Since 2008, over 700 million dollars have been cut from higher education funding.

Dr. Joseph Rallo, the Commissioner of Higher Education, says the impact of the potential cuts could be huge.

"The magnitude is enormous, but it's also basically the fact that we've been taking budget cuts for ten years, and so I said, ten years ago we basically were able to allocate 1.2 billion dollars," said Dr. Rallo. "This year, before the budget cuts, with all the costs that we have occurred, we're basically down to about 230 million dollars."

These cuts could still be avoided if the legislature is able to resolve the state budget crisis before July 1.

For a list of the agenda during the regular session click HERE.

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