Life sentence in Pamela Causey-Fregia case brings some closure for victim's family

Pamela Causey-Fregia. Sentenced to life in prison
Pamela Causey-Fregia. Sentenced to life in prison
Updated: Mar. 20, 2018 at 7:21 PM CDT
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OBERLIN, LA (KPLC) - It was 2011 when 22 year old Victoria Perez, who was eight months pregnant, disappeared.  Several years later, her body was discovered it had been burned and was buried in the backyard of Pamela Causey-Fregia who has now pleaded guilty and will spend life in prison.

It is some closure to family members like great aunt Frankie Bass.

"It saves them a lot of more grief, a lot of heartache, a lot of tears and a lot of sleepless nights.  And it's hard on both families. It's hard on Victoria's family.  It's hard on Pamela's family," he said.

Allen Parish Chief Felony Prosecutor Joe Green says Fregia's willingness to take responsibility and accept a life sentence serves justice.

"It doesn't make it any easier I think for the victim's family but at least they can rest assured that there's some measure of justice that Ms. Fregia will spend her natural life behind bars," he said.

Green says Fregia killed Perez with a hammer and that Fregia's own children were witnesses..  He says the body was buried in woods behind her home.

"She had lured her to the home under the guise of giving her baby clothes and unfortunately she did this in front of her own children and so they saw it.  Ultimately that's how this came out some years later," he said.

Green says Fregia wanted the baby.

"We believe that her motive was to persuade her husband to come back with her because she was now pregnant," he said.

Bass is herself the mother of a murdered child, and says only kindness and prayer will heal the brokenhearted on both sides.

"Pray before you say anything and uplift these families in prayer.  Go to them and embrace them, hug them, hold them, pray with them.  They don't need to be beat down, they don't need bitterness.  You plant seeds of ugliness into hearts and then it grows and grows and becomes like a fast eating cancer," she said.

Bass says Victoria was a gentle person. She suggests providing love, support and healing, especially for children in the families involved, will best honor the memory of Victoria and her unborn child.

Fregia had first pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity,  but the state's experts found she was competent to stand trial and knew the difference between right and wrong when she killed Perez.

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