With Mallard Cove moving, what's next for Chennault?

With Mallard Cove moving, what's next for Chennault?

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Big changes are planned at Chennault International Airport.

"Four or five years ago the head of the airport's division of the FAA came to me and said what are you going to do about the golf course," said Chennault International Airport's Executive Director, Randy Robb.

Mallard Cove Golf Course has been hindering growth and expansion for Chennault for years, but just last week Lake Charles City Council approved a cooperative agreement between the city, the airport and Morganfield Development to finally move the golf course.

"That's what kept us back," said Robb. "If we had to buy the land and put the clubhouse there, we couldn't afford it."

So Morganfield decided to donate the land to help things move forward, and while this move will finally help Chennault expand, Robert Daigle with Morganfield says it will have an impact on them as well.

"When you bring a golf course or any real amenity of a quality of a golf course to an area, you're bringing economic development in many forms and fashions," said Daigle.

Daigle says they plan to build trails and paths for residents in Morganfield to access the golf course, and see their sales increasing because of it.

So what's next for Chennault?

"We are trying to develop the air cargo capability of this airport and that looks very promising," said Robb.

Robb says they still have plans of creating a multi-modal transportation center that will transport sea, air and land cargo.

The expansion plans will cost anywhere from $250 to $350 million with help from the state.

With the expansion on it's way Robb says more jobs will be coming soon.

"We're just going in the right direction with the expansion," he said. "We were created to create jobs and that's our intention and that's what we're going to keep moving forward to do."

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