Chiropractors adjusting women who are expecting

Chiropractors adjusting women who are expecting

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Pregnancy can come with a lot of aches and pains, but Doctor of Chiropractic Laurie Baynard with Lake Charles Chiropractic says it's not normal.

"In chiropractic school, they teach us pain is never normal. With pregnant women, it's very common but not normal."

Baynard says, "It's a specific adjustment made for pregnant women. So, it's safe and it focuses on the pelvis and how it moves together and what it should do and once you balance out the pelvis, everything else falls into place."

Baynard says the benefits even last through labor.

"When you're giving birth, your pelvis comes apart and goes back together," Baynard explained. "So the adjustments help it come apart evenly, so when its time for the baby to come, it comes apart and comes back together as it should."

Being adjusted isn't for everyone.

Baynard does a full evaluation prior to the first adjustment and creates a plan for each individual patient.

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