Haunted SWLA: The Beauregard Parish Hanging Jail

Published: Oct. 23, 2018 at 7:32 PM CDT
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DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - There is an undeniable strange feeling when you enter the Beauregard Parish Hanging jail.

Built over 100 years ago in Deridder, the Gothic Jail is well known for the executions of Joe Genna and Molten Brasseaux, two men who killed a DeRidder taxi driver. The men were hanged from the third floor of the jail on March 9, 1928.

Lori Darbonne, the director of the Gothic Jail, has definitely heard things. A group of paranormal investigators spent the night at the Jail and Lori stuck around out of curiosity.

"One of the questions that they asked was, 'Do you know that you're dead?' " said Darbonne. "I immediately felt an uncomfortable feeling come over me, and my mom always taught us, you don't dabble with the devil, and so I immediately excused myself from the building."

Lori feels that she made the right choice to leave after listening to the soundbites that the investigators posted online.

"I clicked on the fourth soundbite and I hear the voice say, 'Do you know that you're dead?' I remembered that was the question they asked in there that had given me chills...and what I heard it say was 'I'm alive, I'm alive.' It scared me so bad that day I immediately clicked off of it and I never told a soul. It scared me that bad"

Ghosts aren't the only spooky things at the jailhouse. There's a tunnel in the basement that was used to transport prisoners from the jail to the courthouse without being seen, and today, it's got a strange stain in it that jailhouse workers can't understand.

"There's an image that comes up on the wall, usually in the morning time, that it looks like the face of a demon, you can see a hood around it's face and where two horns come out, and you can see the eyes, but when we check the same spot in the evening it transforms into an angel, " said Cleo Martin, the administrative assistant for the Beauregard Tourist Commission. "Not sure what it is and why it happens, but it's something that we notice just about everyday in the Beauregard parish jail."

The Gothic Jail itself has recently transformed into a haunted attraction in DeRidder known as The Gothic Jail after Dark.

"We can guarantee that we won't touch you, but we can't guarantee something else won't be there to give you a little hand." said Darbonne.

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