HAUNTED SWLA: Do you know where SWLA’s ghosts are?

HAUNTED SWLA: Do you know where SWLA’s ghosts are?

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Ghost stories - everyone either loves or hates them. Southwest Louisiana is home to tons of ghost stories.

KPLC's Sophia Landry has spent the last month investigating ghost stories throughout the area - even bringing in a ghost hunter to check for spirits at KPLC (Spoiler: No hint of a ghost in the building).

Landry's journeys have led her to interviews with several people who say they've seen ghosts as notable locations.

Travel with Sophia here:

Toni Jo Henry is the only woman to be executed by Louisiana’s electric chair, and it happened at the Calcasieu Parish Courthouse.

When you think of places that are haunted, you may think of cemeteries, historic buildings, and old jails. You may not think of the Lake Charles Civic Center.

Would you believe it if a co-worker told you that your workspace is haunted? Allegedly KPLC has a ghost that Sunrise producers have to deal with so often, they’ve named him Bob.

It’s rumored that not only one, but two ghosts haunt the Strand Theatre in Jennings.

There is an undeniable strange feeling when you enter the Beauregard Parish Hanging Jail, and given the historic building’s dark past, it’s not surprising that the jailhouse is home to a few spirits.

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