Haunted SWLA: Does Jennings' Strand Theatre have two ghosts?

Haunted SWLA: Does Jennings' Strand Theatre have two ghosts?

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - It's rumored that not only one, but two ghosts haunt the Strand Theatre in Jennings.

Keeping up with the 78-year-old Strand Theatre in Jennings has been a huge part of Lin Fake's life for the last 25 years.

"The theatre is part of me and I'm part of it," said Fake, Jennings' events coordinator,

Over two decades at the Strand, Lin has seen a lot of shows, met a lot of actors, and has even encountered some supernatural forces.

"We would notice that things would be sometimes a little out of place, from what it had been the night before," according to Fake.

Mr. Red May, the previous owner, is said to haunt the building. It's said that he'll sit in the balcony and applaud good performances. He'll even walk up and down the aisles to check on the Theatre.

But Mr. May isn't the only spirit said to be at the Theatre, there's a woman in pink that sits in the balcony.

"We're not sure about the woman in pink in the balcony," Fake said. "We had one of our actresses, working on a play, say, 'Oh I want to go up in the balcony.' So after practice, one of the other actors had a key and brought her upstairs, and they got halfway up there and a female said her name - which kind of freaked her out a little bit, and I'm not sure if she got all the way up in the balcony after that."

But overall, Lin wants everyone to know that the ghosts are harmless and that the Strand Theatre is there to entertain people, not scare them.

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