Haunted SWLA: Does Bob the KPLC ghost exist?

Haunted SWLA: Does Bob the KPLC ghost exist?

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Would you believe it if a co-worker told you that your workspace is haunted?

Former sunrise producer Hannah Daigle believes that KPLC has a ghost. While not all other KPLC workers are convinced, Daigle definitely is.

"We named the station ghost Bob," Daigle said. "We would hear things move over here, chairs, we would see things fall off of desks when no one was on the far side of the room. One time, it was right after Fourth of July, and we had done a fireworks safety story, and one of our reporters had brought back some fireworks for us. She had them sitting on her desk, it was those little snapper things that you throw on the ground and they explode, and a whole pack of them fell off of her desk and popped and it was just very eerie."

Since no one really knows why the station would be haunted, we decided to call a paranormal investigator to come check out the station.

"The Old Number 7 Society is dedicated to the research and investigation of various paranormal phenomena in the Southwest Louisiana area," said Director Jeremy Royer.

Royer checked all of the places where the most ghostly activity had been reported... like the studio, a creepy staircase, and the desk from which things seem to just fly off.

Overall...Jeremy says that in his short investigation, there wasn't enough activity to prove that Bob The Station Ghost exists.

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