The cause of your food allergies may be different than you expect

It's allergy season! Dr. Sprehe explains what the biggest allergens are right now

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The people of Southwest Louisiana love their seafood, but for those allergic to things such as shellfish, whitefish or seafood in general, it can be hard to order off the menu.

Dr. Sprehe from Lake Charles Memorial says your fish allergy, may not be what you're actually allergic to.

"It might be the spices it's cooked in."

Although there are tests and treatments for allergy sufferers, Sprehe has other advice.

"The gold standard is avoidance."

Doctors can run tests to find out what you're actually allergic to and new developments in the medical field include a patch and drops for under the tongue.

Both treatments should be on the market soon.

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