Hometown Hero: Dr. Elwyn Cavin served in WWII

Hometown Hero - Dr. Elwyn Cavin served in WWII

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Elwyn Cavin had just graduated from LSU when he was called up to serve in the Army shortly after Pearl Harbor. After a year or so of training, he found himself in the Pacific war, helping the allies regain control of the Philippines from Japan.

"We didn't get much opposition from the Japanese as they moved back to Manila. But after a period of fighting, we were able to take Manila back."

The 97 year old Cavin says he remembers a Japanese attack when a shell exploded, severely wounding a buddy next to him.

"Blood was coming from his mouth and nose. He had a big hole in his chest. I thought that I won't see him again. The medics did a wonderful job and rushed him off. 30 days later, he was back with us."

Cavin, then a Captain in the Army, started moving his unit toward Japan for a major invasion.

"I was in charge of getting our troops on our ships when we were notified that the bombs had been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We were able to move right on in to Japan."

After the war, he graduated from medical school and came to Lake Charles, helping to start the radiology unit at St. Patrick Hospital.

Beside Dr. Cavin along with way is his wife, Ollie. They will celebrate 70 years of marriage this fall.

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