Silent Footprints works to help those who lost a child cope

VIDEO: Silent Footprints

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - For many parents, losing a child is one of their worst nightmares.

But for some, it becomes a reality.

Desirae Scott took her child to the hospital with signs of the common cold, but within four days, the three-year-old passed away.

Scott said, "He was diagnosed with Myocarditis, a bacteria went to his heart and there was nothing they could do."

For parents in this situation, there's no handbook on how to handle the loss.

For Scott, Silent Footprints, a local non-profit helped pull her out of her rut.

"I closed off, I didn't want to talk, I felt like, I was mad, a lot of people, my faith, I was just undecided with what I should do next, what was my calling, how could I help my child, how could I help other mothers," Scott said. "Silent Footprints was an eye opener, and other mothers there grieved with me, I wasn't alone and I think that's what we want to bring awareness too is that you're never alone."

A walk to help end the stigma of losing a child will take place at 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 15, at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

It's free to attend.

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