Boy who saved mom, brother's life, given key to City of Sulphur

Updated: Aug. 21, 2017 at 11:29 AM CDT
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Kids at Maplewood Elementary School in Sulphur waiting to honor Jayden at the ceremony....
Kids at Maplewood Elementary School in Sulphur waiting to honor Jayden at the ceremony. (Source: Kayla Courvell/KPLC)

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - If it weren't for Jayden Fontenot, his baby brother and his mom wouldn't be here today.

"Jayden is a hero in the City of Sulphur's eyes," said Mayor Chris Duncan. "He saved the life of not only his mom, but his little brother Daxx."

Aug. 11 is not just the day Jayden delivered his baby brother, but also a day, that is now dedicated to Jayden himself.

"That means a lot, especially Jayden Fontenot Day, we didn't expect that," said Jayden's mom, Ashly Moreau. "This is all just awesome."

At an assembly at Jayden's elementary school, Maplewood elementary, Jayden was given a proclamation from the Mayor of Sulphur.

He was also honored with the title of hero, and Chief of Police, Lewis Coats gave him a certificate to be chief for a day, whenever Jayden wants.

But that's not all Jayden received.

"It's a special thing, heroes in our eyes, get the biggest honor the City of Sulphur can do, and we have a big key to give him today," said Mayor Duncan.

For Jayden, a man of few words, his smile said it all.

"I feel excited I guess."

Jayden's parents said things at home haven't changed much.

He's still a 10-year-old boy, who just so happened to save a couple lives.

"We just feel so proud of him," Moreau said. "I don't know, words can't express."

Jayden's brother, Daxx is still recovering in the hospital, but is doing well and should be coming home in the next couple of days.

Mayor Duncan added that in his seven and a half years as Mayor of Sulphur, this is only the second key he's given out.

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