State program aims to stimulate small business growth

State program aims to stimulate small business growth

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - In order to stimulate small business growth, the secretary of Louisiana Economic Development introduced a website aimed at networking big business with small businesses in the state.

It's called, and you can register today.

Launched back in May, Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson says this site will provide a serious opportunity for small business owners.

"Small businesses can get a direct opportunity to interface with what the needs, products and services are of these larger companies that represent a great opportunity that's available today in this community," said Pierson.

It serves as a sort of matching website where small businesses create a profile to be matched with bigger contractors, who also create profiles detailing what services they need.

Pierson says the site has over 70 big businesses and over 700 small businesses registered already.

After introducing the West Calcasieu Chamber of Commerce to the site, there might be a few more to join.

"It's an excellent idea and I think it's going to bring a lot of business to D.R. Horton and the state of Louisiana," said Shantel Landry of D.R. Horton.

"Anything they can do to bring business to the community and use local people that's important to the economics," said James Watson of Elliott Electric Supply.

"It's an excellent idea because our business usually deals with word of mouth, so this would be an excellent opportunity to network with other businesses in our area and be able to reach out to them," said Roger Koss of Infotech Solutions.

Pierson says with the changing economic climate it is important to remember 97 percent of companies and half the workforce in the state is attributed to small business.

"Just as the big plants are important and the ports are important, the small business that services and provides products to these companies are also important," said Pierson.

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