Alyssa Ceasar crowned Miss LSU-USA

Alyssa Ceasar crowned Miss LSU-USA

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Lake Charles native Alyssa Ceasar, was crowned Miss LSU-USA on March 26.

For 21-year-old Ceasar, a senior majoring in psychology who attends Louisiana State University, winning the 2017 Miss LSU-USA pageant was a dream come true.

"I couldn't believe that I won and it was just so amazing because I put so much time and effort working for this pageant and working for this title," said Ceasar. "It's just so rewarding to represent the university I've spent four years at."

Ceasar, along with 18 other LSU students, competed in a swimsuit and evening gown competitions, but one of her main goals after winning the title is to "do my best to show girls to have confidence. It's about being beautiful on the inside as well."

Besides empowering women, another of Ceasar's main aspirations as Miss LSU is to dissolve stereotypes about mental health on campus.

"It's a subject that's not talked about enough." said Ceasar.

Before going to LSU, she attended Barbe High School. Ceasar said she takes pride in being from the Lake Area.

Ceasar now awaits the Miss Louisiana USA competition, which is coming up October 20-21 in Metairie, La.

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