MUST-WATCH VIDEO: Fire destroys 18-wheeler at truck stop in Roanoke

MUST-WATCH VIDEO: Fire destroys 18-wheeler at truck stop in Roanoke
(Source: Rick Johnson / KPLC viewer)
(Source: Rick Johnson / KPLC viewer)
Peto's Travel Center (Source: Google Maps)
Peto's Travel Center (Source: Google Maps)

ROANOKE, LA (KPLC) - - An 18-wheeler that caught fire at Peto's Travel Center in Roanoke was destroyed.

The fire started in the truck and spread to the trailer, said Jeff Davis Sheriff Ivy Woods. No injuries were reported.

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Roanoke Fire Chief David Brown said it's believed that the truck was carrying some aircraft batteries.

Woods said the truck was also carrying some type of consumer products, but that investigators are unsure of everything the truck was hauling because the manifest burned.

"The only thing you can see is the radiator and the block, and that's it," said Rick Johnson, a neighbor who witnessed the fire. He said he saw what appeared to be paper goods in the trailer.

Johnson said he was in his house around 5 p.m. when he heard a popping noise. He walked out of the house to see someone exiting the cab and the truck beginning to burn. He heard what appeared to be two to three explosions.

Brown said those noises were likely from the tires popping.

Brown said the driver pulled into Peto's out of concern something was amiss with his truck.

"He smelled fire, pulled up and woke his buddy up that was in the cab sleeping," Brown said. "All he said was he saw flames coming up."

In addition to the Roanoke-area fire department, the Hathway-area fire department, the Jeff Davis Sheriff's Office and Louisiana State Police also responded, said Brown, thanking all of them.

Brown happened to be at the truck stop filling up when the fire began.

"That was probably one of the first times that I've been on scene when they came running in, saying something was on fire," Brown said.

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