Sam Houston hires Chad Paulk as head football coach

Sam Houston hires Chad Paulk as head football coach

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - Sam Houston High School took one step closer to a district title on Tuesday by luring away Barbe offensive coordinator, Chad Paulk. The Broncos hired Paulk to be their head coach after six seasons coaching the Buccaneer offense.

The hire benefits Sam Houston by weakening the reigning co-district champ and by giving the Broncos an infusion of young energy.

"My vision is this is going to be the best high school in the state of Louisiana and the entire nation," said Paulk. "That's our goal, and we are going to strive every day to get there."

Paulk helped develop one of the most explosive offenses in the state during his tenure at Barbe. Kennon Fontenot and Gavin Nettles both finished as top-three passers in program history. Paulk also coached two of the Bucs' all-time leading scorers in Trey Quinn (first) and Kirkland Banks (fifth).

Paulk is bringing his "controlled chaos" offense to the Bluff.

"I have watched the kids and they might have different names, might have different numbers or might have a different color, but there still kids. People have told me over and over, 'coach these kids are not your Barbe kids. How are you going to run the same offense?' From every single level that I have seen this offense run and the people that I have gotten this offense from, it has been successful," said Paulk. "Whether it be at Clemson, whether it be at Louisiana Tech or Sam Houston over in Texas, it's been a successful program no matter who is running it."

Paulk takes over in Moss Bluff after Vaughn Eggleston stepped down in December after six seasons with the program.

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