Innovative diabetes treatment introduced at Trina Health

Innovative diabetes treatment introduced at Trina Health

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The effects of diabethes differ patient to patient, requiring specialized treatment for everyone. Trina Health in Lake Charles is offering one of the newest treatment options that creators hope will be the unique diabetes management that patients have been looking for.

"I was diagnosed at age 3," said Kristen Orndoff who's lived with Type 1 diabetes for more than 30 years.

She's had to face some of the many complications the disease brings on.

"I've had 6 eye surgeries due to my retinopathy, I have suffered a stroke in May of this year, and have lost some feeling in the right side of my body," she said.

Orndoff has tried a multitude of treatments, including a pump which constantly gives her body insulin, but now Orndoff is trying something different.

"I feel like I'm at a spa," said Orndoff bundled in a blanket with her feet up.

She sits in te open-concept treatment room of Trina Health getting Artificial Pancreas Treatment (APT).

"It's microburst of insulin, and this was designed for the pancreas to talk to the liver," said Ford Gilbert, founder of Trina Health.

Gilbert calls the APT is revolutionary as it mimics the function of a normal pancreas.

"Three one-hour sessions, with a little rest in between," Gilbert describes a regular treatment session.

These sessions, while lengthy, Orndoff says are in some ways therapeutic.

"It's really nice because you get to hear about other people and their issues with the disease," said Orndoff, "I like that it's an open concept."

The goal at Trina Health is to make patients comfortable, put their minds at ease, and curb their complications with diabetes.

"I'm hoping that my circulation improves, my kidneys improve, my eyesight will improve and that I will have some feeling again on the right side," said Orndoff.

Gilbert is promising results.

"Every hope that you have, we will deliver," said Gilbert.

Trina Health is hosting a free informational about APT Thursday, November 17, 6 p.m. That's in the Calcasieu Room at Prien Lake Park.

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