Office of Motor Vehicles offers to replace peeling inspection stickers for free

Office of Motor Vehicles offers to replace peeling inspection stickers for free

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles and Department of Public Safety has been fielding a large number of calls about peeling motor vehicle inspection stickers. Now, officials have a plan to help.

The problem stems from a "bad batch" of stickers.

"I was in the bad batch," said Stephanie Perkins, one of the affected drivers. "I got my motor vehicle inspection sticker about nine months ago and it seemed like about a month-and-a-half after having it, it started to peel. It kind of rolled off and I would push it back on. It kind of rolled off again and I would push it back on."

The affected inspection stickers were distributed to motor vehicle inspection stations throughout the state. The problem is the adhesive is coming off of the stickers.

"We actually started noticing this a few months prior and we've been able to get some of those stickers out of circulation," said Louisiana State Police Lieutenant J.B. Slaton. "Unfortunately some stations aren't as busy as others and sometimes their inventory takes a few months long or sometimes longer than others to start circulating, getting into being issued to the public. So some of those stickers are starting to resurface."

After noticing an increasing number of cases like Perkins,' the Office of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Public Safety has come up with some solutions for the problem.

"Just for convenience for them, if they choose to do so, they can use some packaging tape - some clear packaging tape to put the sticker back on," Slaton said. "If they're able to get it on there and it's in a legible manner; it's still readable and presentable and they're OK with it; we're allowing them to do that."

There is another option for drivers who have stickers that are beyond repair.

"In the event that it peels off where they can't make any adjustments to it with the packaging tape, we're giving them the opportunity to go back to the inspection station where they received that sticker and that inspection sticker station has been instructed to replace that sticker at no cost to the customer," he said.

Slaton said these solutions will save time and money for drivers, the OMV and law enforcement officers.

"Even the Sheriffs Association and Chiefs of Police Association have been made aware of the issues that we're facing," said Slaton. "We're relying on some information sharing so that sheriff's deputies around the state and city police officers around the state are also aware of this problem to also limit the inconvenience to the public when they may see a sticker that may be taped or may be peeling. We're just trying to limit the impact and inconveniences to the public."

"I'm thinking I'm going to go back and get a new inspection sticker," Perkins said. "I have to."

The vendor that manufactured the stickers will recover the cost of the defective ones.

For any specific questions or issues with motor vehicle inspection stickers, drivers are advised to call the Office of Motor Vehicles headquarters at (225) 925-6161.

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