WATCH: Iowa woman jumps right in to save beached dolphin

WATCH: Iowa woman jumps right in to save beached dolphin

CREOLE, LA (KPLC) - Robert and Elsie Lane of Iowa spent the day Saturday riding their ATV on Rutherford Beach.

That's how they came upon a beached dolphin.

"We thought it was dead at first, but then we saw its tail flip up I said, 'We can finally save one!'" Elsie said.

"We were the only ones around for miles," Robert said. "So it was now or never for this poor dolphin."

Without giving it a second thought, Elsie jumped off the ATV and approached the dolphin.

"It was so gentle," she said. "It let me pet it and it watched me with its eyes."

She then grabbed the 6-foot long dolphin by its tail and after some brief maneuvering, Elsie managed to get it back in the water, trying to make sure its head was pointed in the direction of the Gulf.

There was a brief  moment when the dolphin didn't move.

"But then, its like it got its bearings and and took off," Robert said.

The couple watched as the dolphin sped off into the Gulf.

"He had four-or-five of his friends waiting for him," Robert said.

After it was all over, the Lanes couldn't stop thinking about their experience.

Robert said he's proud of his wife.

"There's not a lot of people who would have done it," he said. "But she didn't hesitate. It was the right, humane thing to do."

"I keep saying it's 'amazing,' but that is what it really is," Elsie said. "It was one of the most awesome feelings I have felt in quite a while. To get to see and touch a creature that not many people get to see."

"I smiled for the rest of the day," she added.

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